We are taking on the 12 Hour Uninterrupted Happiness Challenge

Pampers Baby Dry Pants promise to keep baby dry for up to 12 hours giving you both 12 hours of uninterrupted happiness.

Sebby is going through an important time as learns and grows, but when disrupted by the irritation of wetness or a lengthy nappy change, his experience is disturbed.

That’s where NEW easy to change Pampers Baby-Dry Pants come in. They are easy to change and provide unbeaten dryness; you can pull them on and remove by tearing the sides away to dispose of, meaning I can change his nappies whilst standing, bringing an end to the wriggle-wrestles on the changing mat and making negotiating changing facilities much less of a chore! (I do still have to chase him around the room). This means that we can enjoy uninterrupted playtime, night-time, anytime!

Pampers asked a group of parents what the most challenging situations are when it comes to their child and their nappy performance and over half said….outdoor or adventure parks! So for we have been invited to take the 12 hour challenge, and are being sent to the kids favourite adventure park, Peppa Pig World to do the ultimate test for the unbeaten dryness and convenience of Pampers Baby Dry.

Pampers Baby Dry Pants

Keep an eye on my blog for the results of our challenge, but in the meantime here are Dr. Ellie’s Top Tips for Pampers playtime:

  1. ‘Playtime is fun for mum and baby and a great way to bond too, whether it’s peek-a-boo, puzzles, exploring or painting, make the most of every pressure experience together’ 
  2. ‘When it comes to play-time, there are no rules! Trust your instincts and you can’t go far wrong!’
  3. ‘Helping a baby to learn and grow without interruption is important for their happy, healthy development and whether they are asleep or awake, a baby is always learning and growing. When baby is distracted by the irritation of wetness or the interruption of a nappy-change, this interrupts baby’s experience. Baby-Dry Pants ensure that your baby stays as dry as possible and are so quick and easy to change, so that don’t miss a single wriggle of play!’
  4. ‘Changing time doesn’t have to mean an abrupt end to playtime. Pampers Baby-Dry pants are so quick and easy to change, that baby can enjoy uninterrupted happiness!’

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