How to do tricks and flicks on your Stunt Scooter

We are big scooter lovers in this house – in fact they are used almost daily on the school runs.

In recent weeks though, something has changed for Isaac. His scooter is no longer good enough for him as he wants to start doing stunts like his big brother Kian and has requested a Stunt Scooter for Christmas.

If you’re new to scooting, Halfords guide to scooter tricks for beginners below to help you get some insider knowledge. They’ve got everything you need to know, from step by step guides to tricks, information on the essential equipment, and the best places to go scooting around.

Can’t tell a hippy jump from an x-up? Then take a look at our guide below. With a little practise, you’ll be turning from beginner to pro in no time!


It is important to make sure you have the right equipment when doing stunts on your scooter and we have had many a bumped head or grazed knees with my older boys, so make sure you also invest in a good helmet and knee and elbow pads when buying a stunt scooter.


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  1. I had no idea you could do so many stunts on a scooter. I think this is a great way to encourage them to wear their safety gear


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