Project 365 2015 – Week 51

I cannot believe I have almost completed my third year of project 365 and it has almost become a way of life taking a photograph everyday.

This week is one I have been looking forward to for ages. Not because the kids break up from school, but because its the Nativity and Eliza finally got to wear the costume I made……….yes that’s right – I actually made her a costume!

We started off the week with another trip to Excel in London, but this time for Brick 2015 where the kids got to indulge in all things LEGO.

Monday was Isaac’s last water polo lesson as the school has decided not to continue with it, but the team got to have some fun in the pool.

Tuesday saw us heading to my friend Joanne’s house where we built a huge train track for Sebby and watched the rocket launch and Wednesday was Snowflake day. The school performance of Whoops-a-Daisy Angel was brilliant.

On Thursday we headed to Toby Carvery for dinner to celebrate the end of term and Friday was the pre-school Christmas Party where, for the first time, Sebby was not terrified of Father Christmas and actually spoke to him.

Here is my week in pictures:

week 51

347.  Meeting Studley the LEGO brick

348.  He-Man

349.  Watching the rocket launch

350.  My little snowflake

351.  Ice Cream!

352.  Meeting Father Christmas (again)

353.  A spot of festive shopping in Wimborne

7 thoughts on “Project 365 2015 – Week 51”

  1. that snowflake costume is brilliant ! and what a cute snowflake she makes. i bet the Lego day was lots of fun. love the photo of Sebby with Father Christmas
    wishing you all a merry christmas x

  2. I love how this rocket launch has attracted so much interest and attention.
    Bob does not like people dressed up as characters and will go nowhere near them, unless they are Santa.
    Glad the school play went well, she looks very relaxed there.
    Shame about the water polo. and I just love your last picture, quite atmospheric somehow.


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