Night Zookeeper Book Review and School Tour

Anything that fires children’s imaginations is a hit in my book and we have been struggling with Isaac at school because if he doesn’t want to do something, no amount of persuasion will make him do it.

It is a similar story with reading. He will read factual science books, anything about Dr Who and WWE but when it comes to stories he has never really been interested……..until now.

We were sent the Night Zookeeper to review and Isaac has barely put the book down since we got it. In fact it even went into school to show his teacher and the head teacher he loves it that much.

Night Zookeeper and the Spying Giraffes is a series of magical short stories which introduce children to a world of endless possibilities and provide the inspiration for much of the creativity – The World of Night is in trouble and the new Night Zookeeper is the only one who can help!

Night Zookeeper

Will the Night Zookeeper be able to recognise friend from foe and keep his creativity alive in the face of evil?Isaac’s current favourite stories are of a time travelling elephant and the spying giraffe but we have yet to meet the very unusual squirrel. Together they will use the power of imagination to journey deep into the Night Zoo and fight the evil of Nulth.

I think the key to this book is that it is fun. The engaging story line and quirky illustrations had Isaac’s attention right from the start and he couldn’t wait to get stuck into each story.

The book’s author Joshua Davidson was born in Bury St Edmunds, England. He studied Fine Art at Newcastle University and a Masters in Digital Art at Norwich University of the Arts. He created Night Zookeeper to inspire children across the world to be creative and expressive. Night Zookeeper uses storytelling and technology to inspire and develop children’s writing.

Josh is also very keen to get involved with schools around the UK. The Night Zookeeper is about reading, writing and allowing children to express themselves through using their imagination. This month, The Night Zookeeper is going on an exciting tour of UK schools.

If you are a teacher, member of the PFA, or just want to pass this information on to your child’s school, you can find all the information on There are free resources to use as well as the school tour.

24 thoughts on “Night Zookeeper Book Review and School Tour”

  1. Aah fantastic that you’ve found something to spark his imagination and start him reading for fun! It’s lovely when kids find books that they truly love — mine were Enid Blyton’s when I was little — I absolutely LOED them!! 🙂

  2. Looks like a brilliant book, Freddie has such a massive book collection and he’s only 9 months lol. I really want him to be interested in reading as he grows up, knowing my luck though he’ll go the other way and hate it!

  3. I had the same struggle when Max was that age – he was all about the facts and not interested in fiction – but all it took was the right books! Glad you have found one he loves!

  4. It’s sometimes really hard to try and persuade children to read something completely different, I’m so glad that you’ve found something new that Isaac enjoys. It looks like a fun series.


  5. It’s great when a book fires a child’s imagination! Hopefully now Isaac has discovered this he will move on to discovering new books too.
    It’s lovely when authors visit schools. We have them visit our school from time to time, but always during a special ‘reading week’, which isn’t for a while yet!


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