6 Effective Skin Care Tips for Your Family During Winter

Caring for the skin is a year-round matter. It is not just during the summer, when the heat is harsh, that you only protect your family from ultra-violet rays and skin dehydration.

As a parent the wellness of your family is your top priority, and that includes keeping their skin healthy even during winter. Temperature drops during this season and it could easily make anyone’s skin dry. If not immediately addressed this could lead to severe skin problems.

Sometimes keeping your family comfortable during winter is more than just giving them hot cocoa and keeping them warm. Here are some tips you can do to keep their skin healthy:

Explain the Advantages of Good Skin Care

Explain the importance of caring for the skin to each of your family member. Make sure they understand how winter could affect their skin and show them a routine on how to avoid skin problems. Your kids won’t probably listen to you at first so be observant and always remind them to moisturize.

Avoid Wet Gloves and Socks

Not only does wet socks and gloves cause fungi infection and athlete’s foot, it could also flare up eczema during winter. It could also irritate your skin and cause skin itching. When going out, be sure to keep your gloves and socks dry, or bring another pair if you can.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is the best way to keep your family member’s skin hydrated. Sometimes, because of the temperature, your kids might forget to drink enough water and take more hot drinks like coffee, tea, or chocolate drinks. Coffee can cause dehydration according to experts so make sure you advise your kids to drink at least eight glasses of water in a day, although experts suggest to take more depending on your body weight.

Moisturize your Skin

Never forget to slather on moisturizer during the cold weather. It is best to apply oil-based moisturizers because the oil effectively retains more moisture than water-based creams. Products like Kenkay emulsifying ointment and other over-the-counter moisturizing creams are powerful hydrating agents that keep the skin moist and soft.

Turn on the Humidifier

The reason winter easily affects a person’s skin is because of the low humidity. The central heating system in your house can make the humidity worse. Solve this by turning on the humidifier. This machine helps moisturize the air and prevents dry skin as well.

Avoid Superhot Baths

It is a relief to take a hot bath during the winter but intensity of the temperature can lose the moisture in your skin. Taking too long in a hot bath tub is likewise not ideal for the skin. Keep the temperature lukewarm to avoid breakage of the skin’s lipid barriers. Also add baking soda or Epsom salt for a more rejuvenating bath.

On the whole, you have to pay attention to your family’s needs at all times. Winter season might be difficult to deal with but there are tons of tips available on how to get through it, just like those mentioned above. Remember, keeping your loved ones safe starts by keeping their health in check.

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  1. We need to double taking care of our skin during winter since that our skin is more prone to drying. Following these tips could help us stay comfortable yet moisturized. Look for moisturizers that stays long on skin keeping it soft and smooth. Thanks for sharing this tips.


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