2016 – The Year of the Garden

Every year since we moved into our home we have said we are going to sort out our garden and every year something else crops up that needs our money spent on, so I have declared that this year will be the year of our garden.

When we moved in to our home 11 years ago the garden was a gothic paradise with an over-grown hedge to one side and a giant rockery complete with statues plonked in the middle. We got rid of both of these within the first 18 months but apart from changing the fences that is as much as we have done with our back garden.

The front garden has a new perimeter fence which was put in a couple of years ago which needs painting but is otherwise ok. The spring has broken on the gate where the kids push it back too far or swing on it as they charge through it when they arrive home from school so we need to attach a new Barrier Components gate closer.

At the moment, being a childminder, our back garden is just an extension of the playroom and in the spring and summer is covered in toys, with a see-saw, slide, swing and trampoline taking up all the space. Whilst I am not prepared to get rid of all these items just yet, there are things that need to be done.

Top of my list is a new patio so we have a nice space to put an outside table, chairs and an all important barbecue. If funds allow I would also like to even out my lawn as it is lumpy and bumpy in places and lay artificial grass so the kids don’t wreck the grass with their toys but I think realistically we will have to make do with what we have and put down some grass seed in the spring.

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Our shed came with us from our old house and is starting to fall apart, so I would also like to replace that with a new one and buy a bicycle store too which can go in the front garden so we don’t have to carry the kids bikes through the house when they want to use them.

Keep your fingers crossed that 2016 is actually the year of our garden.

Do you have dreams of re-doing your garden?

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