Taking our LEGO to Another Level

We have been massive LEGO fans in our house for what feels like forever with Abbey starting with DUPLO 20 years ago and gradually handing the baton down to the younger ones over the years. Callan was the first to get really into it and has an impressive amount of LEGO Star Wars models hanging from his ceiling and proudly displayed on his shelves.

These days LEGO isn’t just about building the models though, although Kian, Isaac and Eliza are happy to sit and complete their sets without interruption. Over Christmas Sebastian got a LEGO DUPLO tractor which he just adores taking apart and putting back together, Eliza got stuck in to some LEGO Juniors which is the perfect in between DUPLO and LEGO set which really encourages young builders without scaring them with bigger, more complicated sets.

Isaac got the Doctor Who set which saw him build a detailed LEGO model of the TARDIS which has lots of special features and functions which include; Attach/detach console, Open/close the TARDIS and six collectible characters including the 11th Doctor, 12th Doctor, Clara, a Weeping Angel and 2 Daleks.


Kian received the Big Bang Theory LEGO set which features Leonard and Sheldon’s living room as seen in the hit American sitcom The Big Bang Theory! The set features loads of authentic details to satisfy all The Big Bang Theory devotees and including minifigures of all seven main characters from the show, Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy and Bernadette.

Back at the end of December 2015, we visited BRICK, a show packed full of LEGO fun. Not only could you join in with the building of giant LEGO models but you could also see some of the huge LEGO models that have been built by fans, with my favourite being a huge Hogwarts complete with iconic scenes from the film. Seeing these really inspired us to do more with our LEGO sets.

Isaac has been playing with his Doctor Who set almost daily since he built it and Kian gave him the idea to create a Stop Animation film with the LEGO app and I think he has made a brilliant job of it. It is quite tricky moving the characters without moving the set and he would have benefitted from using a tripod but he has told a clear story, which seeing as he struggles with his literacy at school is impressive.

I have now ordered some blue tack (to keep the set in place), a tripod so he can practice and make more stop animation films with his LEGO and set him up a playlist on my YouTube channel where he can upload his stop animation films and ones of him building his sets too.

I present, “The Doctor saves the Big Bang Theory” LEGO Stop Animation.

22 thoughts on “Taking our LEGO to Another Level”

  1. I love the sound of the Big Bang Theory Lego! I agree that Lego is such an incredible toy which you can use to continue creating with for years and years. It’s brilliant as the kids love it and it also helps them in so many ways – with patience, construction, thinking etc. Double win!!

  2. They have the Big Bang Theory Lego? oohh I can see that being a present for my sister, that and Doctor Who Lego.
    I have loved Lego since I was a little girl and it has certainly changed over the years but still amazing fun x

  3. I love the idea of the Big Bang lego – my husband has really got back into some of the Lego sets since my daughter came along. She helps him sort out the pieces and he’s been building, as she’s still pretty much at the Duplo stage. The Juniors sets sound interesting for her next though.

  4. He made a great video Kara, he should be really proud of himself. We have had lego in our house since my boys were little (25 years ago) and Grace loves the Elves lego, I’m not sure what she will fancy next x

  5. We never had Lego growing up so never had a chance to play with it but I have seen some amazing work done from Legos and I love the Big Bang theory Legos

  6. Love the film. Ingenious and great that he’s got something he loves to work on.

    We love Lego too although it’s more sporadic here. Although N tells me he goes to Lego club at lunchtimes – that over going outside to play is quite a surprise for me!

  7. Lego has come so far over the years, its amazing to know its now possible to make any and everything. It’s lovely to hear your family have so much love for Lego.
    I hope my sons will be as passionate, we have a few kits and little amount to play with. We watched the Lego program over Christmas and my boys have now said they want to work at Lego when they are older.


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