Greentom Upp Classic Eco Stroller Review

Greentom is an eco-stroller and is designed for the future in every possible way! It is produced to be 100% sustainable and is also beautiful to look at and we were lucky enough to be sent one to review.

Sebastian is now 2 and going through the stage where he wants to walk everywhere, however his little legs do get tired and we still rely on a buggy for full days out.

Unlike most buggy’s it arrived already assembled, apart from attaching the hood and front bumper bar which took me seconds to pop into place. The thing that struck me first was just how light the unit was, although I did struggle to unfold it at first.

Like any buggy after a couple of folds and unfolds I was off and running and we headed off to the beach for our first test of Sebby’s new wheels.

GreenTom Eco Stroller

The seat is lovely and roomy and perfect for a toddler – in fact it is suitable for children up to the age of 5 and I put this to the test by popping Eliza in there. If you had a tall 5-year-old you would have to remove the hood, although it is more than high enough to give Sebastian head room.

Greentom Upp Classic Eco Stroller

The stroller is easy to manoeuvre and lovely and light to push, even up the zig zag from the beach to the cliff top. The storage basket holds 10 litres which equates to a small amount of shopping, or a medium size handbag and it folds flat for storage.

Greentom Upp Classic Eco Stroller

The real selling point of the stroller though is its green credentials. The frame of the Greentom Upp Classic is made of recycled plastic and local bio-plastic and the colourful fabrics are made of recycled PET bottles. The frame comes in a choice of three colours, grey, black and white and there are ten fabric colours to choose from, both of which are easy to clean. It is surprisingly comfortable to push although doesn’t have an adjustable handle which may be worth considering if it is a feature you like.

Greentom Upp Classic

As well as the 100% green frame, Greentom also uses EcopaXX, made from Castro beans, for components such as the buckle of the safety harness and you can also purchase chemical free stroller raincover for an extra Β£24.99.Β The raincover comes in a small bag that can be attached to the frame and used whenever it starts to rain just zip open the bag and the cover folds over the Greentom Upp in a matter of seconds.

Wherever you take your petit passengers, they just might remember their precious first years as being lightweight, carefree and green.

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  1. This looks fab, JB is 3 now and although he does walk most places if we go out for the day or if I need to go to the shopping centre or the City Centre he still goes in the buggy so that we can get around a bit quicker and also to protect him from people not seeing him and knocking him over since he is still such a little dot. I need a lightweight buggy as I have to get up and down two sets of stairs when I go to the City Centre so this would be perfect. The seat looks really roomy too.

  2. I love the look of that stroller, really looks modern/classic with the white banding going around the top and across the middle. You’re right though, lightweight-ness really is important in a pram/stroller!

  3. You can’t under-estimate the importance of having a light buggy. It makes all the difference when you’re trying to juggle a baby, bags and shopping as well. Good find!

  4. What a lovely stroller and more so the fact that its green! I sometime miss have a pushchair to hang things on and put the kids in so I know where they are!

  5. I love the idea of an eco stroller and it looks pretty good. But I’m amazed that anyone would be able to persuade a 5 year old into a stroller or pushchair. N refused to sit in his from just under 3.

  6. I love the idea of a stroller that will fit a 5yo – My girls fell out of love with buggies when they were about 3.5 but love the novelty as soon as we didn’t have a stroller anymore. We often go on long walks which are just too difficult with a little one. I like that it arrives ready assembled too.

  7. Hey, i really liked this review. I’m a stroller addict myself lol – however I never saw the greentom stroller before? Is this a UK exclusive stroller? I like that it’s featuring recycled plastic… gotta do something against the pollution. Cheers Donna


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