Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

Yes, in case you were not aware that today is Valentines Day and if you are reading my blog I hope that you have bought your significant other a card and are up nice and early making them breakfast in bed.

If you haven’t got anything, there is still time to sneak out to the shops and make a lovely meal later on this afternoon.

This year I am hoping that it will be the perfect day for us. Hubby normally works weekends but he is actually off this weekend so we will be spending time together as a family, hopefully having fun in the great outdoors.

We won’t head out to a restaurant though as they are probably already fully booked and will have hiked their prices for the day, so instead we will head home and I will cook a yummy roast dinner. I may even treat us to dessert and a bottle of wine.

I do remember years gone by that Valentines Day can be a miserable affair when you are on you own, so to help singletons while they are waiting for “the one”, the Co-op Insurance in conjunction with The Rollin Bones have shot a new video to be released this Valentine’s Day.


I have to admit that I found this video very cute and Sebastian has made me play it several times already so I hope it made you smile.

I hope you have a wonderful day, whatever you decide to do!

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9 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day!”

  1. The first time I ever spoke to Emma was on Feb 15th. We had to wait a full year for our first Valentine’s Day. It always has that extra level of romance / celebration to it because it’s an anniversary for us. Right. Better go write that card!

  2. Such a cute video! I’m not a fan of dining in restaurants on valentines day, my husband and I went out for coffee and pastries and having a lovely Waitrose meal for 2 this evening.

  3. It was just a nice chilled out affair for me. Loved watching the video. My little boy has asked me to play it a few times as well.


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