When are you most productive?

As a blogger I am always analysing stats to see when the best time to share blog and social media posts and although it isn’t an exact science, that facebook is a fickle creature, I have a fair idea when best to post.

The problem is, it is not when I am most productive. My best time to write posts for me is the first thing in the morning, before breakfast and the mad panic before school sets in. Any time after that I tend to get distracted by housework, social media or playing with the children.

I should really schedule posts for when my reach is at its best but once written I tend to forget and just hit publish, after all to keep both your followers and the FB magic algorithms happy you need to be consistent, and I consistently post first thing in the morning. I think I need a mix of scheduling and live posts to make it work really well for me.

Hubby feels the same way too. When he is on an early for work he gets far more done than when he is working a late night. Whether that is because there are fewer customers to deal with I don’t know.

It seems I am not alone with my productivity as MOMA has just conducted a survey of 1000 people across the UK in order to find out when they are most productive and the period between 9am-12pm comes out way on top!
Top Responses
9am to 12pm 41.7%
12pm to 3pm 17.2%
3pm to 6pm 15.7%
6am to 9am 14.3%
9pm to 9pm 10.2%
9am to 12pm 36.0%
12pm to 3pm 16.8%
3pm to 6pm 19.5%
9am to 12pm 46.5%
12pm to 3pm 17.2%
3pm to 6pm 13.8%
18-24 year olds
9am to 12pm 30.9%
25-34 year olds
9am to 12pm 37.9%
35-44 year olds
9am to 12pm 43.4%
45-54 year olds
9am to 12pm 56.0%
55-64 year olds
9am to 12pm 40.4%
Over 65s
9am to 12pm 52.5%
Do you agree with this survey – when are you most productive?
Written in collaboration with MOMA

14 thoughts on “When are you most productive?”

  1. I used to be most productive either first thing in a morning or straight after lunch, now I am most productive when I can get a good 2-3 hrs on my own. Hubby will often take the kids out for an afternoon at a weekend and its surprising how much work I can get done in that time. I need to get better at planning my time though.

  2. I’m most productive in the morning after the school run. I’m more a morning person than a evening person in general anyway! xx

  3. I am definitely a morning person too. I have my power hour from 5.30am before the children get up and then when I get back from the school run. That said since I cleaned up my eating I do find I’m more productive than I used to be in the afternoons! x

  4. Yes, it makes total sense, most people are in work or looking after their children during those hours and it is bound to be the most productive time of the day, indeed.xx

  5. This is a really interesting post. I don’t do any work in the mornings as of yet. This is probably because I have a two year old the only slots of time I get are in the evenings when my children are asleep. X


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