Hotter Shoes for Mother and Daughter

Just before half term I was invited into Hotter Shoes with my daughter Abbey (22) to have a sneak peak at their new spring/summer range.

I am a big fan of Hotter shoes as they make shoes as comfortable as slippers!!  They are now the UK’s biggest shoe maker with a fabulous eye for colour and design and a passion for creating beautiful shoes that feel wonderful to wear!

All their shoes feature the comfort concept with eye catching shoe styles which have hidden comfort throughout.  Before I owned my first pair of Hotter shoes I had always assumed that they were the kind of shoe my granny would wear, however, although there are shoes that the older generation would love, they have some up to the minute styles and colours and I managed converted 22 year old Abbey to them too – she has a stunning pair of riding boots from their autumn/winter collection.

The shoes all have pillows of cushioning, air-filled bubble soles and wiggle room for toes to explore and their range of coordinating handbags are stunning too. I love the pale blue Yale Bag whereas Abbey loves the black Lucy Bag with its rose gold clasp.

Hotter Shoes

Choosing a pair shoes is never easy and although the weather is freezing I was eyeing up a pair of their new Resort Sandals which have a similar style to Birkenstocks but even my feet are not brave enough to wear them this time of year.

I have just started work in a Nursery school and need some black shoes to go with my uniform so tried on the Jewel Shoes which have a pretty bow at the end and also come in a lovely floral design, similar to the lace up shoe pictures below.

Hotter Shoes

Abbey is more of a casual girl and fell in love with the Mabel shoes in both the floral and sparkly turquoise design.

I have to say it was really hard making a decision on what shoes to get and when I tried the Mabel ones on I could see why she liked them so much – they were so comfy.

Hotter Shoes currently have a sale on and I spotted a pair of Dalton brogues that I had wanted to buy last year, but thought I would never wear them. They were reduced to £23, black and in my size – perfect for work!

That was it, decision made – I bought the Dalton brogues and Abbey and I both went for Mabel shoes in the sparkly turquoise colour, plus I think I have dropped enough hints that the kids are going to buy me the Yale Bag for Mother’s Day.

I am off to pick up our shoes today as we had to order our size into store and look out for a full review coming very soon!!

If you are stuck for the perfect gift for your Mum for Mothers Day then getting her a pair of shoes as comfy as slippers would be a fantastic idea!

Hotter Shoes

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  1. Ha, I was in my local Hotter store this morning. I know what you mean about the weather, I saw a few pairs that I really fancied but my feet were so cosy in my boots I couldn’t contemplate summer shoes just yet. I didn’t make it into town much over Winter this year so I totally missed their boots. Gutted as I needed some new ones but they will have to wait for the Autumn now. Love your choice, they are really comfortable!


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