Sensitive Washing Tips with Surcare

I have sensitive skin and come out in a really itchy red rash if when I use some washing powders, so have to be really careful what I buy.

Surcare is a truly sensitive laundry and washing up liquid range that has been specifically developed with sensitive skin in mind. Surcare products don’t contain unnecessary ingredients that could irritate the skin but still provide laundry with that ‘just off the line’ freshness. Surcare is soft on skin but tough on stains, even at 30˚.

Like other non-bio washing powders, Surcare’s Sensitive Non-Bio Laundry Powder doesn’t contain enzymes. However, it is also free from dyes, acids, perfumes and any other unnecessary ingredients that could irritate the skin. With recyclable packaging and a formulation that is dermatologically tested and approved, Surcare’s Sensitive Non-Bio Powder promises an outstanding performance while not irritating skin.

What’s more, it has recently been awarded Allergy UK’s seal of Approval to show that it is suitable for allergy sufferers as it has been formulated to reduce exposure to allergens.

If you want to keep your skin completely safe from irritants, did you know that just choosing the right detergent may not be enough. Here are a few other tips from Surcare to help make sure your skin doesn’t come into contact with unknown irritants.

  1. Always wash new clothes before your wear them to remove any chemical residue from the manufacturer. Depending on how sensitive you are, you may need to do this several times.
  2. Avoid dry cleaning – If you really must get something dry cleaned, see if there is a ‘green’ dry cleaner near you. Once you’ve picked up your clothes from the cleaner remove them from the plastic as soon as possible and hang them up to let chemical residues evaporate before wearing.
  3. Avoid conventional fabric softeners, dryer sheets and scented balls. Experts agree that these are often the worst offenders for sensitive skin sufferers. There aren’t many healthy alternatives in the shops, but you can try adding a cup of vinegar to the wash to reduce static cling, and a spoonful of baking soda to soften clothes.
  4. Chlorine isn’t good for your skin, so use the sun to bleach you clothes instead. A rinse in lemon juice and a few hours on the line in bright sunshine actually does the job much better than bleach!
  5. If you have to use a washing machine that’s had other kinds of washing powder in it (in a laundrette for instance), run a hot cycle with half a cup of white vinegar in it, to flush through any residue from the previous wash.


Surcare’s Sensitive Non-Bio Laundry Powder lasts for 10 washes and has an RRP: £2.58

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