New Schleich Wildlife Sets

Schleich have recently added to their collection of wild life sets and we were lucky enough to be sent the new Shark and Cave Play Sets to review.

As with all Schleich toys, these wild life sets are made of great quality material and are also very true to life.

The Wild Life Schleich Shark Set comes with three fierce predators, the blue shark, the tiger shark and the great white shark. The fins and tails on all three are an extension of the main body which makes them more likely to withstand rough handling by pre-schoolers.

Schleich Shark

The Schleich Cave Play Set includes a desert lioness. The cave comes in easy-to-assemble parts that even Sebastian can put together. Also in the set are plants that can be arranged on top of the set to give it an authentic desert look. There is even a very realistic looking piece of bone to add for the lioness’ lunch.


We saw the lioness’ at London Zoo about the time that Sebastian got this set and he carries his lioness around with him now – I think the attention to detail is amazing, you can really see the shape of her head.

Schleich toys are great for encouraging role play in young children and can be an aid to learning for older children.

9 thoughts on “New Schleich Wildlife Sets”

  1. These look like lots of fun for little ones. I’ve not heard of the brand before. When Blake is a little older I can imagine him playing with the cave set.

  2. Oh good heavens – my son is nearly 9 and he would STILL love these, so much I might look at something like this for his birthday next month. Thanks for the idea!


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