Sprucing up the lounge

Spring has well and truly sprung and thousands of people are now working on their homes and gardens as the weather starts to improve.

We have made a start of the garden which is coming together when the weather allows and my next focus will be the lounge.

Last year I turned our dining room into the playroom to try to stop having toys in the lounge and, apart from Sebastian’s train table, it has mostly worked. The downside of not having a dining room is that the dining table is now in the lounge too and the furniture doesn’t really work.

We last decorated the lounge over 6 years ago, when we got our current sofa and it is starting to look scuffed and tired so now I am busy planning how to redecorate.

The first things to go will be the old double doors that separate the lounge from the now playroom as all attempts to make them fit with the colour of the lounge has resulted in the paint peeling off. A friend has white folding doors in hers which she is getting rid of so we shall put them in instead.

Colour wise I am aiming for a beach type theme with pale blues, grey’s and a punch of colour in accessories like soft furnishings. I have seen a gorgeous L-shaped sofa from Fishpools that will not only look great, but will zone off my lounge area from the dining area.

Follow ChelseaMamma’s board Living room Wishlist on Pinterest.

The only issue I have with new furniture is that we are about to start potty training Sebastian and I have learned from experience that soft furnishings can take a battering so we are going to concentrate on the decor first. I have bought some wallpaper from Graham and Brown and as soon as we have removed and replaced the doors, operation wallpaper will commence.

Are you planning on decoration soon?

Post written in collaboration with Fishpools

9 thoughts on “Sprucing up the lounge”

  1. We have just redecorated our lounge and your post has reminded me that I still haven’t pressed publish on my post!

    I would really like to start potty training JB now but he is still showing no interest at all so I’m waiting until he seems more inclined otherwise it’s just fruitless. Good luck xx

  2. I lobe the beach theme,the colours are so nice! We cant do much with our place as its rented but i can’t wait to do all this kind of stuff when we have our own home.

  3. Ahhh there’s something about Spring that really makes you feel like it’s time to decorate inside and out. I love your living room wishlist and that L shaped couch is just gorgeous! Kat x

  4. You’re so lucky to have a playroom, I wish we were so lucky. I’m hoping to spruce up our lounge too, spring just makes me want to freshen everything up.


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