Thomas and Friends TrackMaster Close Call Cliff Set #TeamThomas

As many of you know, Sebastian is Thomas mad and we cannot wait until his birthday as we will be giving him all Kian’s old TrackMaster sets to play with.

As big fans were are excited to be joining the ‘Team Thomas’ Campaign

This exciting campaign is all about celebrating Thomas & Friends core values of friendship, determination and teamwork as well as a new racing theme for 2016. Thomas & Friends will be inviting fans and families to power Thomas on a virtual journey to reach The Great Race which is the new film launching in May.

The campaign will be driven across their website and Thomas & Friends UK Facebook page where parents and children can join in with fun weekly activities that reinforce the positive values of friendship, teamwork, participation and determination, and also use their Twitter and Instagram pages to share their stories, photos, videos and comments with #TeamThomas helping Thomas on his journey.  When he reaches his destination never before seen videos and amazing prizes will be unlocked for Thomas fans!

Our first challenge was to review the new Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Close Call Cliff Set where Thomas must navigate a sharp cliff side turn to avoid a dangerous drop. As Thomas turns on the cliff side he knocks over boulders to reveal cool discoveries.

Close Call Cliff Set

Prepare for a thrilling, cliffhanging adventure as you send this motorized Thomas train around the track and up the hill towards the rocky ledge. When he races forward he’ll make a sharp, 360° turn before heading back to the track below where you can change the points and send him off in a new direction.

As the set is TrackMaster you can link it up with other TrackMaster sets and set Thomas off on a whole new adventure.

Will you be joining in the #TeamThomas adventures?

13 thoughts on “Thomas and Friends TrackMaster Close Call Cliff Set #TeamThomas”

  1. My girls aren’t interested in Thomas and my youngest son is still quite disinterested although I am sure his time will come! My eldest was Thomas mad, we used to have all the trains and watch the show on repeat! This campaign looks great fun!

  2. O has some of the Take n Play sets for Thomas but none of the Trackmaster sets. It sounds a bit like a cross between the take n play sets and traditional wooden/Brio style sets. Unfortunately, he’s lost interest in trains now he’s getting older but keeping them for his little brother!


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