Fablab Metallic Tattoos from Interplay

My kids love having temporary tattoos on their arms and if we are at a school disco or an event where they have a face painter / glitter tattooist it is the first thing they ask for.

Now I can save myself a fortune and get away with doing them at home with Metallic Tattoos from Interplay which are the latest trend in temporary tattoos.

The FabLab Metallic Tattoos kit contains over 120 cool designs which are suitable for both boys and girls, which are easy and fun to apply and cool to wear! You can apply metallic tattoos to your arms, neck, hands or even your hair!!

The tattoos are really easy to apply. In the box you will find a pair of scissors to cut out the tattoo design you want to apply and a sponge which needs to be dampened.

When you have decided where you want to apply the tattoo, remove the clear top sheet from the tattoo and carefully press the tattoo firmly onto clean and dry skin with the design facing down. Dab the damp sponge against the tattoo to saturate the entire paper backing and then hold against the back of the tattoo for 30 seconds.

Metallic Tattoos

Next, very gently peel off the backing paper by taking hold of one corner first and ‘Voila!” your first metallic tattoo!

The metallic tattoos last brilliantly well and withstand soap and water well, however if you do want to remove them simply apply some baby oil to the tattoo, wait 5 minutes and then wash away with soap and water.

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