Planning a Family Summer Holiday

Planning the family summer holiday is so exciting but it can also be a little bit stressful. I’ve been looking for somewhere for us all to go for a while now for a nice and relaxing break. Factoring in things like activities for the kids to do, where we’ll get nice weather, how long the flights are, where we’re going to eat and walking distance to the beach are all important, so here are my top thing to consider when planning a family holiday:

The benefits of Europe:

With so many gorgeous sunny destinations and relatively short flight times, Europe is looking really appealing right now. A great place to head for a family holiday and with such diversity, you’re sure to find the perfect place for you. Europe has a lot of varied cuisine so it’s great for adults, but there’s always English food available which can be a blessing if the kids are being picky. Its diversity means you can literally go anywhere you like, whether that’s to explore the breath-taking Italian countryside or to lie out in the sun in the South of France.


Hiring a villa:

Hiring a villa is a great option for a family summer holiday as it means you can make it a home from home whilst you’re on holiday, won’t have to worry about getting up early to reserve sunbeds and can even have your own BBQ by the pool. Tots to Travel have an amazing variety of luxury villas to choose from so you’ll be able to find your ideal place. When packing for a villa remember to pack extras to keep children entertained like a beach ball for the pool and bat and ball so they can play.


A holiday to the Maldives sounds amazing but I know lazing on a desert island won’t keep the kids amused. Looking for a destination which suits everyone is important. I found hotel complexes geared up for families looked like a good option as many have kids clubs where children can play and go off with other kids for a few hours away making friends and doing activities. And, this gives me a few kid free hours a day to sunbathe and relax, so everyone gets what they want from the holiday.

Planning a family summer holiday doesn’t have to be too stressful, as long as you’ve done enough thinking ahead, it will be a breeze. I’m getting so excited to book ours already!

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  1. When it comes to family holidays we are not your typical family as we don’t do beach holidays. We actually prefer what I would describe as extended city breaks. Somewhere where we can take in the culture of where we are visiting and the history of the city and its surroundings

  2. I can’t believe the Summer holidays will soon be here but I’m really looking forward to them and getting Hubby and the kids away from the daily grind. Our holidays are always about finding activities the children will love because if they are happy, we are happy 🙂


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