Educational Play the Schleich Way

Schleich have been making educational toys for over 80 years and pride themselves on great quality, realistic toys that will withstand children playing with them.

Schleich toys are perfect for supporting your childs learning as they are taught through play based learning at Nursery school and in the Reception year. Imaginative play is vital for encouraging development in a way that today’s technology can’t and Schleich toys support all areas of your child’s learning.

  • Communication and Language

Get your child to tell you what animal it is, what colour and what sound it makes.

  • Physical Development

Even picking up the animal and moving it around helps fine tune their motor skills.

  • Personal, Social and Emotional development.

Get them playing with friends, role playing the life of a zoo keeper, farmer etc. Children can be very insular as toddlers and have to learn to play with others and share toys.

  • Literacy

For slightly older children you could get them to write a story about their favourite toy, or use the toys to act out scenes in their favourite book.

  • Mathematics

Count the animals they have, even count how many stripes the zebra has, which is the heaviest animal or find shapes and colours.

  • Understanding the world

Learn how the animals live in their environment and where they come from by looking at an Atlas.

  • Expressive Arts and Design

You could paint a picture of your favourite Schleich Toy, make your own model or build a home for them – the possibilities are endless.

Schleich Toys

To help parents support our child’s development through play, Schleich have released a brochure which is completely free for parents to download.  Educational Play The Schleich Way has been supported by Dr Amanda Gummer who has over 20 years experience in understanding the role that all kinds of play has in the development of our children.

Educational Play The Schleich Way is available to download free of charge from Monday 13th June.  Schleich products are available to buy online direct or from Smyths Toys priced from £2.99 each.

Schleich Toys

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  1. Hi there, interesting article. My niece would love this as she really into making animals noise at the moment. I think it important to teach kids as young as possible about the animals kingdom. xx

  2. Love The many possibilities with little animals …explained in detailed way to make learning fun. Kids love animals and these look like great quality .


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