Potty Training – Month One!

The thought of potty training Sebby filled me with dread as its my least favourite parenting activity.

We first introduced the potty back in the Easter holiday’s which was met with tantrums, screaming and a stubborn refusal to go anywhere near it so he obviously was not ready.

Fast forward to just before his third birthday and it was a different story. I chose a week where the weather forecast was frankly horrendous so staying at home would not be a problem. We chose a Disney Cars reward chart and let Sebby choose his own big boy pants in the shop.

Day One: Potty 2 – Floor 3. Not the perfect start but we had a successful wee-wee on the potty so he knows he can do it.

Day Two: Potty 3 – Floor 2. Not bad and an improvement on yesterday, we have also discovered he is much more willing to sit on the potty backwards.

Day Three: Sebby is at Pre-school in the morning so I sent him in with three clothing changes and some Huggies Pull-ups in the bag in case of frequent accidents……….he came home in the same clothes he went in wearing! Sadly it wasn’t the same story when he got home and he had three accidents on the trot, but still positive progress.

Day Four: Our first poo on the potty. Poor Sebby looked a but shell-shocked but lots of cheering and clapping and a gift of Monster Truck Mater he was a happy boy.

Day Five: Sebby is now recognising the feeling of when he needs to go, however, he needs to go immediately and if you are not quick enough he will wet himself. We have started taking the portable potty on the school run just in case.

Potty Training

By the end of week one both Sebby and I were definitely more confident but did have to go and buy an extra couple of packs of pants as he was still having a fair few accidents and I couldn’t wash and dry his pants quick enough.

By week two, the accidents were getting less and less, he has a lot more control and has even had a couple of dry days, filling up his sticker chart and gaining another Mater toy as his reward. Sadly he has not managed another poo on the potty since and either goes in his pull-up in the morning or goes off to hide and does it in his pants – we now watch him like a hawk!

Week three saw some outings where he was in the car for an hour or so. To be safe we put a pull-up on him and to my surprise he stayed dry, even on the three our journey to Drayton Manor and back again. I have also noticed that he is also dry at night, something that never happened when my others were first potty trained and took a lot longer to master with them. A poo on the potty still eludes us!

In week 4, we upped our game, determined to nail a number 2 on the potty. I have worked out his “routine” and know roughly what time of day he needs to go and the signs. He still goes and hides in a corner, or in the hall and I haven’t yet been quick enough to stop him starting to go in his pants, however we have managed to finish off on the potty. He has also asked to go for a poo on the potty but sat there for about 20 minutes without producing anything, but its positive progress. I am really hoping he will be fully potty trained by the time we go abroad in the middle of August.

We are working with Huggies on their six steps to success potty training program.

  1. Check you’re both ready
  2. Say goodbye to nappies
  3. Start Practising
  4. Learn wet from dry
  5. Be consistent day and night
  6. Keep up the great work

We received a fab box of goodies to help Sebby on his potty training journey, watch here to see what we received

I have to admit that potty training is going better than I imagined and I am not sure whether I am more relaxed, or whether he has just got it.

Are you potty training at the moment?

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14 thoughts on “Potty Training – Month One!”

  1. Blake is 19 months and showing a few signs so have got him a potty to get use to but not going to force him I think we will try properly once he is 2 but try him with it now and again.

  2. Awww I loved your video, especially Sebby’s little hiccups, so cute! We were Huggies Ambassadors last year and loved it unfortunately Jelly Bean’s bowel issues have really set us back so I’m just starting to try Potty Training again. With the hot weather we have been having these past few days I have been putting him in ‘big boy pants’ when he is outside, he was doing well until his brother gave him a piggy back ride and he did a wee down his back 🙁 We shall keep trying though. Good luck x

  3. YES!! We are!!! One of the twins did it, practically by himself, in January (a couple of months before he turned three) and his brother started about 3 weeks ago!!! He’s doing amazingly well. Very few accidents now which is fab!!! It still happens occasionally but they’re both dong really well. I think the key is just waiting until they’re ready isn’t it? Great post love — see you next Thursday!!!!!!!! Weeeeeeeee!!! 6 MORE SLEEPS!!!

  4. Crikey….I can’t even remember potty training mine, except for the fact my daughter potty trained herself whilst I was training her brother – she used the I copy everything technique. Reading blogs on this kind of thing I realise that I am lucky to have had such an easy run! Good luck…hope he cracks it soon! X

  5. I have a real hatred of potties – they give me the creeps, so this was the part of toddlerhood I was dreading. We gave them a miss and went straight to the loo! The boys were amazing and we had a couple of accidents and were home and dry. I think they realised just how much I hated it!


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