Making sure the school run goes smoothly with Wilkinson Sword

Where did September go?

It only seems like yesterday that the kids went back to school and Sebby started his settling in days at Nursery.

Now they are well and truly settled and Sebastian is at Nursery every morning from 9-12 I had hoped having mornings to myself would increase my productivity.

For some reason it just has not happened!

The mornings are organised chaos. I think everyone is dressed, ready to go with bags packed, lunch boxes made and books read, but invariably one (normally Eliza), remembers something at the last minute and then we go into panic mode.

With all the prepping and extra work that’s involved with getting the kids off to school often means that I don’t have much time left for myself. I have to have a shower as soon as I get up, which sets me up for the day.

I was sent the Wilkinson Sword Intuition Ultra Moisture Razor to review, which is a high performance 3-in-1 razor that lathers, shaves and moisturises skin in one go, cutting your shaving routine in half so you have more time to focus on the important things in the morning.

Wilkinson Sword

It works brilliantly and enables me to jump in and out the shower quickly, giving me more time to spend sorting the kids out, getting them ready for school and walking them to the school gates.

Now I just need to make sure I get as much productivity out of myself in my 3 hour window whilst Sebby is at school!

How do you make sure you’re mornings run smoothly?

9 thoughts on “Making sure the school run goes smoothly with Wilkinson Sword”

  1. Our mornings never run smoothly, no matter how much preparation I do the night before!! I am so disorganised, always sleep through my alarm and can guarantee I will be running around like a maniac by 8.50am with just five minutes to get everyone out the door and up tot the school! xx

  2. I love the wilkinson sword razor! It used to be my go to razor all the time! And I used to bulk up on its refills when they were on sale! Now Ive shifted to waxing so I hardly touch it but this razor is really good!
    I waste my mornings sitting down with a cup of tea and browsing for a good 3 hours till I realised I couldve done something productive lol! and then its time for a school run again!


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