How to hatch your new #Hatchimal Toy

Hatchimals from Spin Master are interactive magical creatures inside eggs and have been voted one of the top toys for Christmas 2016.

Who’s inside?

It’s a surprise!

We were sent a Hatchimal to review and the kids were really excited to learn how the creature would hatch.

Before it can hatch, you have to play with the egg by tilting, tapping, touching and rubbing the base of the egg. You are rewarded by glowing eyes, chatter and even songs.

The eyes change colour depending on what the Hatchimal wants, pink to hear its heartbeat, red if it’s annoyed, blue its scared and it can even get the hiccups.

Be aware that hatching takes around 20-25 minutes and you need to constantly interact with the egg at this stage otherwise it will go to sleep and the process will stop until it starts being played with again.


When the egg starts to flash rainbow lights, it is ready to hatch!

You need to rub the bottom of the egg to encourage the Hatchimal to start pecking and the kids all took it in turns to do this. The Hatchimal will start and stop but rubbing the bottom of the egg will encourage it to continue pecking. 20+ minutes later you can lift the top of the egg off and you have your Hatchimal which requires quite a tug to remove from the base.


Inside each egg you will find either a Penguala like we did or a Draggles in a variety of colours.

The fun doesn’t stop when it has hatched either. It sings Happy Birthday to itself once it has hatched and then you need to take care of it to take it from babyhood through to toddlerhood and finally to the kid stage.

Babyhood is all about care and nurture, giving it food and making it feel loved. During toddlerhood you teach it to walk and dance and finally in kid mode you can unlock four different games to play.

I can see this is going to be a much-loved toy for a long time and I may have to invest in another so they can have one each.


If you want to see one for yourself The Entertainer Toy Stores up and down the country will be hatching eggs at 2pm on Saturday 8th October and you can read reviews from Susan K Mann and ET Speaks from Home by clicking the links.

If you are having any issues hatching your Hatchimal, check out this post from Spinmaster which should resolve any issues.

17 thoughts on “How to hatch your new #Hatchimal Toy”

  1. Have to say I find that a little creepy but I’m pretty sure the kids would love it. Mind you, they don’t have a very good record of looking after anything properly.

  2. Oh my goodness, these are such a great idea. I’m not sure that my lot could wait 20 minutes but the fact that different things happen, like the eyes lighting up and the noises inside – it makes it all very exciting. I can’t believe the egg actually cracks – it is so clever. Definitely a great buy for Christmas. Love the video!

  3. Aww what a lovely post. They are so cool aren’t they? A great toy that is very unusual and helps kids to nurture and grow their wee pets. I am hoping to hatch a Draggle one day x


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