Disney Princess Ariel Bath Styling Head

Eliza has moved on from baby dolls and you will more likely see her playing with a fashion doll and styling its hair these days.

She is also at the age where bath toys are too babyish for her, yet she still wants something to play with. She has a couple of mermaid dolls that she plays with so when we were invited to become part of Ariel’s enchanted underwater world and review the Ariel Bath Styling Head I knew she would love it.

ariel bath styling head

The unique feature of this beautiful styling head, is that you can take it in the bath with you. The styling head has colour changing features and with the magical power of water, you can change Ariel’s hair from blue to teal, and make her eyes and lips change colour right before your very eyes by using different temperatures of water.

Disney Princess Ariel Bath Styling Head

The only problem with it is that you need ice cold water to change her eye shadow and lip colour and this cools the bath down significantly, very quickly.

The Ariel Bath styling set comes with 5 accessories including two clips, a wear and share flower hair comb, a brush, and a sea-shell water scoop!

This styling head is fun both in and out of the bath!

11 thoughts on “Disney Princess Ariel Bath Styling Head”

  1. This is such a lovely toy, bath toys tend to be for younger children so it’s nice to see something for the older ones to play with. This would make a fab Christmas gift

  2. Oh this looks fab! I’ve been looking out for more involved bath toys for my daughter. This is definitely going on the Christmas list! I agree that it’s a bit annoying to have a colour changing feature for a bath toy to use ice cold water though. Odd.


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