Oh, What a Palaver!!

The definition of Palaver is:

‘Prolonged and tedious fuss or discussion’

What a genius play on words for the website Palava.co who stock the most beautiful dresses for women and girls that are perfect for the Christmas celebrations we are all looking forward to, after a tumultuous year which saw them change their name not once, but twice.

Originally Poppy, founded in 1980, they were forced to change their name in 2015 due to trademark issues. They rebranded to Bryony and Co but had to rebrand yet again due to a challenge from another retailer – hence Palava.co was born.


So why am I telling you this?

At the Palava studio in Hackney, Bryony and her team design their own illustrative fabrics; based upon the adventures of two characters, Poppy and her dog Fred and they create seasonal collections in gorgeous organic fabrics based upon their latest escapades.


The designs are not only made into enchanting dresses for little girls, but also incorporated into their womenswear collection making it the perfect destination for finding pieces for mothers and daughters to wear together.


I have to say the Martha Beauty Pageant dress is my favourite design for Eliza where the adventure is based in the forest with the birds holding their own beauty pageant and I would happily wear the Beatrice dress that is made from the same fabric.

I always struggle to find knitwear to go with dresses, especially for Eliza but Palava.co also do a range of cardigans and shrugs that coordinate perfectly with all their dresses.

Do go and have a look at their gorgeous range of organic clothing for women and girls and check out their social media pages for more news, reviews and offers.


You can find them on twitter at @PalavaFolk, on instagram as PalavaFolk or on facebook here.






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