All I want for Christmas………

I cannot believe that it is December tomorrow.


I am so disorganised this year that Christmas has been the last thing on mind. I have a few presents that I have collected along the way but I still have the main bulk of the shopping to do.

The trouble is, when you have older children it gets increasingly difficult to buy for them.

What do you want for Christmas?

Abbey’s answer was a House!………..well that is not really a likely gift we are going to buy her unless we win big on the Lottery.

Callan, well he has asked for a PS4 – not sure my £50 budget will stretch to that either.

Kian doesn’t know. He has no idea what he wants, or even needs for Christmas and I haven’t a clue either. Now he has a job he buys the games he wants for the XBox.

Isaac is the only one I have fully sorted, Eliza is almost there and then Sebby keeps changing his mind, but at age 3, it is all about the excitement of the day and he will probably have as much fun with a cardboard box then what is inside it.

I cannot say that I am any better though, when Hubby asked what I wanted I couldn’t give him an answer, well certainly not an affordable one.

I would quite like a cleaner, although I would be the person who cleaned the house before the cleaner arrived. Maybe a robot vacuum cleaner would be a good compromise but even they don’t move the furniture around which is the bit I hate doing.

So, that leaves me no clearer on what to buy anyone for Christmas with just a couple of weeks left.

Do you have any suggestions for a 23 year old young woman, 19 and 16 year old teenage boys that doesn’t involve clothes, vouchers or cash?

Oh and if you are reading this kids, I would really like a professional picture of you all together as haven’t had one since Sebby was a few weeks old!

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6 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas………”

  1. 23 year old girl – pandora charm, art supplies, handbag,
    23 year old and teenagers – magazine subscription, tickets to a theme park, kayaking/kitesurfing/paddleboarding lesson, tickets to sport event/concert/comedian. Headphones, phone camera accessories (to make photos fish eye or wide angle), treasure trail as a family…


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