New kids fashion from Europe with Mayoral

As a parent I often feel the kids are better dressed than I am.

In fact I will go out with every intention of buying myself something new and end up coming home with something for each of the kids instead.

I don’t really mind as I love the kids to look well dressed, especially if we are out and about enjoying days out, however, I do not like to spend a fortune on kids clothes as they often get filthy within seconds and as a family that spends the majority of our time outside, they need to be practical too.

This month I have been introduced to the long-established Spanish brand Mayoral whose slogan is “making friends”. Mayoral manages to combine durability and practically with style to produce children’s clothes with ethics, but which are also trendy and affordable.

The website is packed full of gorgeous children’s clothes and the only problem is choosing what to buy and I made the fatal error of letting the kids choose what they wanted.

Sebastian, who is going through a Marvel phase, spotted a navy jumper with a big ‘A’ on the front, exclaiming it was a Captain America jumper and he would be a superhero if he had it – well, who am I to disappoint?


He also chose a boys sweater featuring a burgundy and white trim and cute duffel style buttons.


Eliza on the other hand insisted on choosing a girls dress and being a lover of glitter and sparkles she insisted that it featured both.


It was Isaac that surprised me as I had assumed he would choose a colourful hoody, however, he choose a pair of smart suede boots instead.


The clothing has been worn and washed several times already and I am very impressed with the quality. Sebby’s jumpers have kept their colour and shape well despite being put in the tumble drier and Eliza’s dress still looks as good as new.

The clothing on the website is all very reasonably priced even at full price, but everything I purchased was half price or less in their end of season sale – bargain!!

Disclaimer: I received a credit to my online account in order to review the service and their clothing


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