Space Savers: Great Ways to Have Overnight Guests in a Small Home or Apartment

You may find yourself hosting a guest in your home for a night or two which is all well and good if you have a guest room, but if you live in a small house or an apartment, it can be tricky. Here are a few tips to help you welcome guests graciously with the minimum of disruption.

Find a bed: Making a comfortable place for your guest to sleep is a top priority.  The most convenient options are a futon or a sofa bed. If you don’t have either, an air mattress can be purchased for a reasonable price. When not in use you can store it conveniently in an empty suitcase. Giant bean bags can also be used as temporary beds, as long as your guest is not too tall. Alternatively, you could let your guest sleep in your bed and you could sleep on the sofa.

Make some storage space: Your guest will be showing up with baggage. Try to clear a shelf or drawer for clothes, and some hanging space if possible. Stash the empty suitcases under your bed, under a table or on top of kitchen cabinets.

Eliminate clutter: Remove anything from common areas that really doesn’t need to be there. This will help prevent you and your guest from feeling overcrowded. This will also give you guest more room to stow his or her belongings.

Boost the bathroom: Make your bathroom super guest-friendly by putting out extra mouthwash, cotton buds and lotion. Provide plenty of clean towels and make sure you have extra rolls of bathroom tissue to prevent embarrassing moments.

Reassign your end table: Place it by the side of the sofa bed and let your guest use it as a nightstand. Put a small lamp on it so that he or she doesn’t have to stumble around in the dark. Add a power strip so that phones and tablets can be conveniently charged.

Give your guest time to rest: You’ve probably fallen asleep on the sofa from time to time, but remember, this is your guest’s bedroom and he or she will be trying to get some serious rest. Try to treat it as you would your own bedroom. Provide adequate sheets, blankets and pillows. If your bed linen has been sitting in a closet for a while, spritz it with linen spray so it won’t smell musty.  Make sure that the curtains or blinds keep out enough light. If you have a drafty door, put something in front of it to prevent the room from getting chilly. If you live in a noisy part of town, you may want to offer your guest some ear plugs.

Add a welcoming touch: As well as providing the necessities, you can make your guest feel really welcome by supplying a welcome care package. Use a small basket or tray and add travel size toothpaste, soap and shampoo. Bottled water, chips and other snacks also add a nice touch to the gift. Don’t forget to write down your Internet password, so your guest doesn’t have to keep asking.

Keep things private: Even if your guest is only staying for a night or two, maintain privacy is essential. If the space you may be renting in Maitland apartments is an open plan, a room divider or temporary curtains can accommodate discretion.

Offer some media: Put out some books, magazines or games so that your guest can relax during his or her stay. This is particularly thoughtful if your guest is going be home alone during the day while you are at work.

Be a good host: There are many other ways in which you can make up for not having a guest room. Make your guest a hearty breakfast each morning, or at least make sure there’s a fresh pot of coffee brewing. Set them up with a bottle of wine or case of beer.

If your home is really small, don’t feel that you have to accommodate your guest. Perhaps you have friends close by who wouldn’t mind letting your guest crash at their place. Even better, you could stay with your friend and let your guest have your place. The most important thing is that both you and your guest are comfortable and you enjoy the time you spend together.

Mia Dawson writes about life and home decor projects in her articles. She loves entertaining guests in her home as it gives her a wonderful excuse to cook and try new recipes out ahead of time! She also enjoys home decor projects.

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