DC Comics Super Heroes LEGO® collection

It’s time to experience Batman’s awesome world in ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’. He has millions of dollars, all the gadgets money can buy, and a sweet (very dark) costume.

Better yet, he gets to spend every night punching evil in the face on the streets of Gotham. But now, to his horror, he has a responsibility – to look after the orphan boy he accidentally adopted. And how better to do that than by taking him on as a sidekick?

Isaac was invited to watch the premier of the LEGO Batman Movie but unfortunately we were unable to make it so he was sent some fun sets of Batman LEGO to build instead.

Deathstroke, The Joker, The Penguin, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn have returned to settle old scores and are causing havoc in Gotham City. Can Batman™ and Robin save the day? YOU decide with all new LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes!

The first one he built was the LEGO Batman The Joker Balloon Escape Building Toy. The Joker has planted a bomb at the Gotham City Energy Facility! Team up with Batman to intercept him before he blows up the power plant. Dispose of the bomb safely, but watch out—The Joker is putting on his balloon backpack and launching his escape. Aim the grappling gun and take down that grinning Super-Villain!

DC Comics Super Heroes LEGO®

The second set he built was the Clayface Splat Attack Set. Clayface has crashed Commissioner Gordon’s retirement party and is shooting clay all over the place! Speed to the scene with Batman and face down the powerful Super-Villain. But watch out—Clayface is armed with six-stud rapid shooters and a clay hammer. Dodge the shots and clay splats, and fight back with the Batarang. Then free Mayor McCaskill from the clay prison and help her to safety!

The final set Isaac received was the LEGO Batman Scuttler Building Toy which took the longest for him to build.

DC Comics Super Heroes LEGO®

Emergency! The Joker and Poison Ivy with her vine monster have crashed Commissioner Gordon’s retirement party and taken hostages. Leap into the cockpit of the awesome Scuttler with Batman and scurry to the rescue. Fire the stud shooters and attach the hidden jetpack to fly into a duel with The Joker. Free Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson, then capture those villains with The Scuttler’s net shooter!

There are lots of other LEGO goodies in the range including books, activity books, watches, torch keyrings, something for all superhero fans!!

The new DC Comics Super Heroes LEGO collection is available in all good toy retailers now. For more details visit LEGO.com/DCUniverseSuperHeroes

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  1. I know s many kiddies who are so excited to see this movie. Having the lego sets to buy and play with after the show will just prolong the excitement and looks like your kids had great fun with them too!


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