Are you saving for a rainy day?

It’s a scary fact that approximately 50% of UK adults do not have any savings or investments and are struggling to put away money for a rainy day.

My older children think I am a nag as I often try to cajole them into putting money away for the future whilst they don’t have any dependants to support. Sadly it mostly falls on deaf ears as those new trainers or must have fashion item NEED to be bought.

Even we struggle to put money away these days, as we barely break even every month after all the bills and outgoings. There was a time, when Hubby earned more money, that we saved with a target of going to Disney and to buy a new car.

We achieved the new car just before Hubby was made redundant and the rest of the savings went on getting by for the few months he was unemployed, but I dread to think what would have happened if we didn’t have that buffer to rely on.

When our beloved car blew up on the way to Cornwall and then the car company refused to honour the warranty we were reduced to a one car family which was less than ideal. Thankfully for us the bank of Mum and Dad helped us out, but what would you do if you were really stuck.

I have to admit that the thought of a payday loan makes me shudder and you should never use one regularly, however sometimes you just need that bit of extra help to get through the next couple of weeks and it can be the best option.

Cashlady offers Payday loans for bad credit and only works with established, trustworthy and FCA regulated UK payday loan providers to find the best deals, allowing you to borrow between £80.00 to £1000.00.

Cash Lady are a well-established and reputable short-term loan leader who care about their customers and want to ensure they have an easy journey and know all information about committing to a short-term loan.

It is important to remember that if you do go for a payday loan, please make sure you pay it off on time otherwise you could incur extra charges which escalate fast.

Do you try and save or are you just breaking even?

Disclaimer: Post written in collaboration with Cash Lady. All opinions are my own

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