Kinetic Rock – Rock Crusher Review

Like many boys his age, Sebastian likes to explore the world around him with a special affection for digging and getting absolutely filthy.

Now there is a slightly cleaner alternative – Kinetic Rock and we were sent Kinetic Rock Crusher to review.

Kinetic rock is real rock that magically sticks together and you can dig, build, and crush with the included rock crusher!

Kinetic Rock

The set takes a couple of minutes to put together by simply clicking the wheels on the dumper truck and assembling the workman.

Kinetic Rock Crusher

The kinetic rock feels strange to touch – sticky but it doesn’t stick to you hands. Do beware that it does stick to clothes and I am still picking some out of my socks after I accidently stood in some that had been dropped on the floor. I would recommend playing with on a hard surface or outside.

Kinetic Rock

You can use the included construction tools and mould to pave a road, create boulders, and crush rocks.

Kinetic Rock

Sebby really enjoyed playing with this set, particularly manipulating the rock into different shapes and burying the poor workman – I think he could be an industrial accident waiting to happen.

Kinetic Rock

If you don’t mind the kids making a bit of a mess then this is a great toy for teaching them about texture and construction and will get them building, turning and moulding the rocks into all sorts of shapes.

Kinetic rock

The kinetic rock is re-usable but do make sure you keep it in an airtight bag otherwise it will dry out.

8 thoughts on “Kinetic Rock – Rock Crusher Review”

  1. Looks like a perfect play time for little boys and girls. A certain little boy of mine would absolutely love it, with all that construction and digging stuff. As a mum, I’d be a little concerned about it spreading, but I think under good supervision, all would be fine (even if I was twitching with the potential mess).

    • This is the worst product on the market and I have already threatened friends and relatives if they ever buy this for my grandson (he lives with me) I will go spastic on them. He is a very clean little boy but he had this crap stuck in his clothes, hair, ect..and it’s like a real Christmas tree, I’m still finding it or stepping on it. It’s like chewed bubble gum mixed with nerds. Worst product out there.


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