Do you know your Wash Care Symbols?

I am normally so careful with my washing.

I separate the colours, wash whites together and almost always check the washing instructions, especially when I first buy an item of clothing.

Now that I tend to buy our clothes online I always forget to check the washing instructions before I hit purchase and carelessly bought two tops that were hand wash only.

Now, that is fine when I am doing the washing as I know that these tops need to be kept separate, but I have two rare creatures at home that put the occasional load of washing on, called Hubby and the teen.

Now, I am not complaining………..well, I may moan slightly when a white t-shirt turns a random shade of green because they just bunged an armful of clothes into the machine without checking the colours, BUT, my poor tops are ruined.

I only have myself to blame, I shouldn’t have put them in the washing basket, but it just goes to show that we don’t check the care instructions. I only ever check them once myself and some of them mean nothing to me at all.

Just for balance, I did once tumble dry a beautiful merino jumper which shrunk so small that he would have fitted my toddler, Eliza, at the time.

I am definitely going to print of this infographic from Data Label about wash care symbols and pin it to the side of the fridge. Hopefully it will remind everyone to check the labels.

Clothes Symbols

Have you had any washing / tumble drier disasters?

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  1. You know those T-shirts and tops that are made from delicate fabric? Yes, those ones that could get damaged from a simple nick of a zipper or button. Some of these clothes cost you some extra cash and you have come to love them so much.


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