Swimwear and Shorts for the Boys

Summer is nearly here, which means we are busy planning days out, our vacation and things to keep the kids happy during the school breaks. We are really looking forward to spending time as a family doing more activities together, but this is keeping us busy.

One of the things we are planning to do in the next couple of weeks is to go out and buy everyone new summer clothes. The kids are growing fast, so a lot of the clothes they used last year are not going to fit.

We know we have to get them kitted out for the summer. The last thing we want is to not be able to take the kids swimming on the first warm day because we have not got around to buying them new swimwear. They would be really disappointed if that happened.

Over the past couple of days I have been online looking at t-shirts, shorts and swimming trunks. I find that I can buy most of what we need from websites like this one. The good thing about shopping this way is that you can do it at anytime, and you get to see everything that is available. When you go to the physical shops your choice tends to be more limited. This is especially the case if there is only a small branch where you live.

Dry fast

When I need to buy new kids bathers there are a few things I always look out for. Ideally, I want something bright and fun that will dry fast.

Can double up as daywear

If possible I always buy swimming costumes that are suitable for wearing around the town. Swim shorts are ideal. They help to make packing for a holiday easier. It means that you have to pack fewer items of clothing, which frees up space in the case.

This year, there are some great cargo style swim shorts available. They look good as well as being extremely practical. The fact they have so many pockets makes them ideal for most boys. You just have to be careful to make sure that they have emptied their pockets before going in the sea. The last thing you need is to discover, too late, that they had their phone in their pocket.


My boys are very active, and adventurous. They never stay in one place for long, which means that they are quite hard on their clothes. Therefore, I always try to buy swimwear and shorts that look like they are made to last.

Again, swim shorts are usually the best option. Most of them have double stitched seams, which makes them particularly sturdy.

Swimwear that stays up

The last important consideration is the fit. No boy wants his swimwear to end up around his ankles while he is larking around in the water. You need to be sure that their swimwear fits well, so it will stay in place. Again, swim shorts are good for this. The fact that they have a stringed waistband means that it is easy to make sure they are tight enough.

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