Finger Fidget Spinner #Giveaway

I was only introduced to the fidget spinner craze three weeks ago and we are already the proud owners of four.

Much as some schools hate them and have banned them, I have found them a useful tool. Last weekend we headed to Brighton to the Fringe festival and instead of being glued to their DS or iPads on the journey, they were busy mastering tricks with their Fidget Spinners.

If you have not seen a Fidget Spinner, they come in all shapes and sizes, but in simple terms are weighted spinners that are designed to be played with to help you concentrate. They are especially great for those with ADHD as an aid to focus.

Fidget Spinner

Hubby wasn’t keen on the kids having one, but even he was sucked into the craze as they are just good fun to fiddle with.

If your child has been begging you for their very own fidget spinner, Simpy Eliquid are giving away one away per customer for simply signing up to their newsletter.

Click the banner below to be taken to their website:

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  • Open to UK Residents only
  • Offer expires 12th June 2017


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