Abaca Rattan Storage Rack Review

Now the kids are getting older there toys are mostly getting smaller and I am keen to move on from plastic toy buckets to something slightly more stylish.

We changed our dining room into a playroom when I became a childminder and it has now morphed into the Xbox / Wii U room as well as containing toys.

Our old pine unit couldn’t cope with the amount of figures that Isaac has collected for his Skylanders, Disney Infinity and Lego Dimensions, so we also needed something that we could store them in too.

I was offered a sturdy Mahogany storage rack with spacious pull-out baskets, hand-woven in Abaca from Rattan Direct to review.

I had not heard of Abaca before but upon investigation it is a large herbaceous Asian plant of the banana family, yielding Manila hemp. This is then weaved into effective basket, perfect for storing everything from Isaac’s computer game characters to Lego and craft materials.

Rattan Direct

The storage rack has been hand-made by weaving natural rattan around the solid hardwood mahogany wooden frame with solid hardwood legs and exceeds the British Standards set for heavy domestic use, so perfect for the playroom.

I chose the 5 drawer version which measures 126cm high, 52cm wide and has a depth of 34cm, but it also comes in a smaller 3 drawer version and has a wicker basket option too, which all come with a 5 year guarantee.

I love my new storage rack and have managed to get rid of one plastic storage box so far…….just 3 more to go!

14 thoughts on “Abaca Rattan Storage Rack Review”

  1. I want one of these, not for toys but for my office! We are currently in the middle of a major declutter and toys is high up on my list to get rid of!

  2. What a gorgeous storage rack, I am in need of one as I am running out of space in my home. Love that its hand-made and looks really strong and sturdy

  3. That is a lovely storage rack, and ideal for how you’ve used it. It is the kind of thing I would like to have, because at the moment we have random plastic boxes (some of them now cracking), and they just look so messy and out of place now. Could do with something tidy like this. Perfect.

  4. really like that it would actually fit in perfectly at my house too and is something I may actually need. Off to size it up and see if I can fit it in. Thanks for posting about the rattan storage unit I hadn’t seen one I liked like this before 😉


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