Talking to the Teens with Boots UK #TeenTalk

Being a parent of tots through to teens often has its challenges.

One minute I am discussing how silly Marshall is in Paw Patrol to chatting about how best to treat the latest outbreak of spots.

People often ask me what it is like parenting a teenager and my reply is always the same – tough. Parenting is hard work at all stages of life. With babies it is the lack of sleep that is the killer, toddlers it is the battle of wills, at school age they start learning behaviours from their friends, but teenagers are a whole other kettle of fish as their hormones kick in.

I have successfully guided my daughter through puberty into her twenties but still have two teenage boys to contend with, where the chat turned from periods to body hair, shaving and spots.

#TeenTalk from Boots is all about giving parents the confidence to talk with their teens, especially about topics like puberty as well as the special deals on trusted P&G products for teens to try (products have changed since we were teens!)

Puberty can be as difficult a time for parents as it is for the teen, and recent research from Boots UK and P&G shows just how challenging this time can be:

  • 33% of parents wish they could talk more openly with their teen
  • 68% of parents find it difficult to approach puberty topics with their teen, so much so that a quarter avoid the #TeenTalk completely
  • 1 in 5 parents are unsure about how to start the puberty conversation
  • 22% of parents have admitted to being unsure about what products to recommend to their teenagers going through puberty

Our house is a busy one so any #TeenTalk is often done away from home. We try and spend time with the kids individually at least once a month so chats are normally in the car on the way to the cinema or when the little ones are at school. I tend to try and keep it lighthearted too as any serious conversations are likely to see them running for the hills.

I also get random whatsapp messages asking me to get more of their personal hygiene and skin care products – although they always leave it until they have run out!


Britmums are holding a #TeenTalk twitter conversation on Thursday 1st June from 1pm-2pm where you can share all your top tips for dealing with the teens or get some ideas on how you can best approach “the chat”. There is also the chance to win one of ten £25 Boots vouchers. Make sure you follow @BritMums and @BootsUK.


Until 6th June Boots is offering great value promotions on trusted P&G products, which makes it easier for teens to trial the products that might be right for them. These include Venus, Always, Tampax, Gillette and Head & Shoulders. You can also pick up in store a FREE #TeenTalk Guide, with advice and tips for both parents and teens.

Disclaimer: I’m working in a paid relationship with Boots UK, P&G and BritMums on their #TeenTalk campaign, which aims to help parents be more confident in talking with their teens. Get additional advice and tips, and learn about special offers on trusted products on the Boots #TeenTalk site

14 thoughts on “Talking to the Teens with Boots UK #TeenTalk”

  1. Oh, I’m not looking forward to these conversations. My youngest are currently 4 and 5, so I’ve got a while before it all gets complicated. My boy is 14 so there’s no avoiding it. As his dad, I’ll need to have those ….. talks. Wish me luck!

  2. I am really not looking forward to this with my children although if they’re anything like I was it won’t be too bad. I do try to make sure they talk about all sorts with me from now so we have a good level of communication when it happens.

  3. I am a way off the teen years but at the same time I know they will come all too quick. I know this is going to be a really challenging time. Such a great idea.

  4. I am not looking forward to my Daughter becoming a teen. Oh No.
    I love this campaign though and the fact that boots are selling trial size products. This will hopefully teach some independence too.

  5. I wish I had a teen talk as good as this. I was told to use protection and what not but we never felt comfortable discussing sex together which is a shame as I think we need an open and honest discourse around teen talk x

  6. Ha, love that “asking for products but not face-to-face”. Although it strikes me that this is also a special and lovely moment — the kids getting used to the everyday-ness of their new body and new needs and as parents we’re the ones to help them manage that. Thanks for a great post and taking part in the project! #sponsored

  7. I’m one for having chats in the car too, I find that there’s less pressure, on both of us, and that extra distraction means that my son doesn’t feel too under the spotlight.

  8. Definitely with you on the not asking for the hygiene products until they’ve run out. That happens in my house too! I also use the car as a good talking place.

  9. My parents never had a “Teen Talk” with me, but I think a lot has changed in the last 20 years – there were no mobiles, internet was dial up (and we didn’t have it) and there was no such thing as social media. So we were just shown a video at school and that was it. I don’t envy parents nowadays though, it must be hard to have the conversations about sex and puberty with so much already out there “educating” them x


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