Pre-Packed Christmas Stockings from Hawkin’s Bazaar

No time to stuff the perfect Christmas Stocking?

Don’t panic, Hawkin’s Bazaar have already done it for you!

Their pre-filled Christmas Stockings are crammed full of goodies, toys and games sure to delight the recipient and they come in several options including:

  • Male Stocking – Adult
  • Female Stocking – Female
  • Boy Stocking – 14+
  • Girl Stocking – 14+
  • Boy Stocking – 8+
  • Girl Stocking – 8+
  • Boy Stocking – 3+
  • Girl Stocking – 3+

What’s more, their 2017 Christmas stockings guarantee a minimum of a £25 saving, with 50% off the price of the same items if they had been bought separately.

I was sent three stockings to review for Isaac, Eliza and Sebastian.

Christmas Stocking

I ordered the Girls 8+ stocking for Eliza as he will be 7 in January and I am glad I did as she would not have been impressed with the contents similar to Sebby’s stocking.

Her stocking contains glitter tattoos, a felt bag, pencils and erasers, silly eyed headband, a puzzle, stickers and a swimming Dory. Isaac’s was the boys 8+ stocking and included tattoos, wind-up toys, puzzles, games and pencils.

For Sebby I ordered the Boys 3+ stocking and it contains wooden toys, hand puppet, plastic animals, bath toys, magic tattoos and a large poly glider.

The contents of the stockings are all things that the kids will enjoy playing with and you can either leave them unwrapped, or take them out and wrap them up individually.

In our case I will be adding to them as Father Christmas always brings the kids pyjamas and underwear, but it is a great start to the task of Christmas shopping!

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