How to Score the Very Best Deals on Your Christmas Shopping

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and it’s also the time to get organized with your Christmas shopping. With so much to plan and do it can often get a little stressful trying to hunt for the perfect gifts and the best deals around. However, we’ve have some nifty little tricks from savvy shoppers that will help you to have a wallet-friendly Christmas.

Get Organized

Before you begin, it’s smart to get really organized with your Christmas shopping list. Start by noting down (on your mobile phone notes) all of the names of the people on your that you have to buy present for and all of the people on your Christmas list. It’s easy to accidentally forget a name or two, so you can prevent this from happening by going through your Facebook friends list and scrolling through your phone contact list to make sure that you are not missing anyone.

Then you can start to plan out what gifts you would like for each person. It doesn’t have to be the exact present, but a general idea of the type of thing that you would like to purchase for them would work well. You can think about their hobbies and passions, or perhaps they have already dropped hints about what types of gifts they would love to receive.

Christmas Presents

Start Early

The next step is to start early – as early as possible. It’s really no fun trying to scramble amongst the crowds on Christmas eve. In fact, the very best deals can be scored online, and you can get you whole Christmas shop done from the comfort of your own home in one evening! You can even do it from your mobile phone when you are on the go.

Mobile Phone

Know Where the Deals Are

No here is where the fun starts. Think of yourself like a Christmas detective trying to hunt down the best deals online. There are several avenues that you can take including using comparison and cashback sites:

Comparison Sites

These sites are invaluable when it comes to Christmas shopping. They allow you to search for the very best deals from a range of sellers in just a few clicks of the mouse. You will then be presented with a list of buying options and prices, so you can rest assured that you will be getting the very best ideas around. Say you’re looking to purchase someone a broadband subscription (a very fine gift choice we think), then you could head over to and they will quickly compare deals from all of the main providers, saving you time, money and a little dose of sanity too.

Cashback Sites

Another thing to do is to head to Cashback sites. If you click on an ad online and then purchase a product based on that advert, the advertiser will often receive a small % of the sale price of your order. Cashback sites work by giving that percentage to the consumer. There are plenty of big brand sites available that won’t charge you a single penny to join, and you can browse through all of the brands that are listed on the site. Sometimes they even have special offers on, so you can save even more money! Always do your research beforehand to make sure that you are choosing a reputable site, and be prepared to wait a month or two before you see the money in your account. Overall it really does add up, and they are worth using every time that you shop online.

So there you have it, so simple tips that will hopefully enable you to tick off your shopping list in no-time. That means more time to spend with your family and friends. Happy holidays!


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  1. Last Xmas I bought most of my Xmas shopping through cashback sites and at the end of it all I was rewarded with nearly £200 back as well as making great savings along the way. Now why didn’t I remember to do that this year?


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