Samsung Heat Pump Tumble Dryer Review

At the beginning December my tumble drier decided to break, as all good things seem to do just before Christmas.

I have an appliance plan with British Gas, so phoned them to come out and fix it, waiting two weeks for it to be even looked at. On the day of my appointment (the ones where you have to wait in ALL day), they phoned me at 3pm to advise me that no engineers were available and the next appointment they could offer me was 4th January!

Being a family of six I found it impossible to keep on top of the washing as it was taking two-three days to dry just one load in the house, so lets just say I was not best pleased at this news.

Our tumble drier was quite old and was one of the ones recalled back in 2015, so instead of waiting for an engineer we decided to replace it instead. have come to my rescue on a few occasions now and are a company I recommend and trust, offering next day delivery on their appliances, so I headed over to have a look at what was on offer.

Samsung DV5000M DV80M50133W Heat Pump Tumble Dryer Review

I selected the Samsung DV5000M DV80M50133W Heat Pump Tumble Dryer which has an A++ rating.

Samsung Tumble Drier

The tumble dryer promises great functionality and up-to-date technology, enabling you to dry more efficiently with this Samsung condenser tumble dryer.

I was given a two-hour window for the machine to arrive and received a phone call from the drivers to advise an exact time they would be with me. Unlike some companies they brought the machine inside, installed the machine it the location I wanted it and took away all the bulky packaging.

Samsung DV5000M DV80M50133W Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

It is a traditional looking tumble dryer, with a modern twist of a huge tinted door, which is roomy enough to be able to pop in a large duvet. The central knob is easy to use, while extra options are selected via buttons on the display to the right.

Samsung Tumble Drier

The display is a crisp electric blue colour and there are additional controls for wrinkle prevention and dryness level, as well as a timer and smart controls, plus numerous icons to indicate where you are in the cycle. The 15-second melody at the end does get a bit wearing, but thankfully there is even a button to turn it off.

Samsung Tumble Drier

Once you get behind the door, which can be reversed, the 8kg drum is plenty big enough for a full load of washing and is lit with LED lighting, perfect for helping to retrieve any socks hidden at the back.

Samsung Tumble Drier

The main filter just inside the door is Samsung’s dual system, utilising finer mesh within a coarser outer mesh. This means that there is only one filter to clean between dries. The filter itself is held together with a handy clip which means the fluff is all contained inside until you get to the bin and won’t drop inside the machine as you take it out.

Samsung Tumble Drier

The water can be emptied via the condenser tank which is situated on the top left of the machine and I love the simple but effective water-level indicator on it. If your machine is situated near a waste pipe, it also comes with a draining kit so water can directly flow away.

Samsung Tumble Drier

Increased airflow, optimised drying cycles and reduced heat loss are all part of Samsung’s ever-improving heat pump tumble dryer strategy.

With heat pump technology, the hot air created inside the drum is recycled – so you can dry in the most efficient way possible. You can give every load a perfectly tailored cycle too, thanks to sensor drying technology. These clever sensors weigh laundry and automatically adjust cycle settings, so it only ever uses the necessary energy and prevents over-drying and although the machine states the absolute maximum time the load is likely to take, it is always much quicker.

Samsung DV5000M DV80M50133W Heat Pump Tumble Drye

Finally, the Samsung Heat Pump Tumble Drier also has a handy AirWash cycle which uses a powerful airing system to effortlessly refresh clothes and remove bacteria.

We have only had the machine three weeks, but I am really impressed with its performance. It genuinely dries everything in the machine, even with a full load. The only time we have had to pop it on again was when a pillow case got screwed up and caught in a duvet cover, but that was my fault for not checking it when it came out of the washing machine.

The machine also features Smart Check, an automatic error-monitoring system. It detects and diagnoses problems at an early stage and provides quick and easy troubleshooting solutions using a smartphone App, available on Google Play and iTunes, so it saves you time having to find the manual and avoids the cost and inconvenience of unnecessary engineer callouts – and potentially expensive repair bills.

Samsung Smart Wash

We have a Smart Meter at home which measures our energy usage and allows us to pay for exactly how much energy we are using, rather than an estimated bill, and we have noticed a significant reduction in our energy usage since using this machine.

See the machine in action here:

Disclaimer: I received the Samsung DV5000M DV80M50133W Heat Pump Tumble Dryer for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. We’ve never had a tumble drier – I’ve always been wary of the amount of electricity they use, but this sounds like it’s very efficient. I love the idea of the air wash, when things just need a freshen up rather than a full wash and dry. Sounds like a very helpful new addition!

  2. This sounds very similar to my dryer, I would be lost without it as you say. You can always trust Samsung can’t you.

    The only thing I would say was that my old machine was a recall too, I got fed up with waiting for them to fix it and said I wanted a replacement instead so they gave me a bigger and better machine. Pleased you are sorted though, AO have been great for my Mum too.

  3. We have a Samsung combined washing machine and drier and it works very well. In fact we also have Samsung phones and a TV, great quality!

  4. Just before I read your post my partner and I were talking about AO. They replaced our oven when the last one blew up and even gave us a better make and model with no quibble. We are actually looking for a new tumble drier too so would definitely be using them to purchase a new one and the one you got sounds great x

  5. This sounds great and I’m impressed by the recommendations for AO. Also that your energy usage has reduced too. It’s a good reason for replacing an old machine rather than managing for the time being with a repair.

  6. We will move to our new house next week. A dryer is a must buy for me. It is really hard to choose from so many brands. Thanks for sharing, this review is really helpful!

  7. we have had a heat pump tumble dryer and I must admit that the heat pump is less expensive to run but it does take a very VERY long time to dry your washing


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