Dinner is served: Creating that perfect dining room space

Some days it can feel that getting everyone around the table to eat is a bit of a miracle! We all lead such busy lives, having said that, it’s still so important that everyone gets together and eats, plays and spends time with each other from time to time. So, if having more family meals together is something you’re aspiring to this year, then why not take a look at your dining space and see where it could be improved?

Making the dining room or dining area in your home a desirable place is one way of getting them all round that table without a fight. So, let’s get started.

Your dining furniture

How’s that old table of your mothers holding out? And those creaky old, mismatched chairs? How many more Christmas dinners can they handle? If you look at your dining room furniture and feel anything but love, then it’s time to make way for a change! Companies like danetti.com are a great place to start if you’re looking to uplift your dining room.

From contemporary, bright and bold colours to something more traditional, bar-stools and dining benches, the possibilities really are endless. Don’t worry if you’re limited with space; not everyone has a large dining room to play with! You’re sure to find something that will suit your style and requirements.

Dining Room

Make it cosy

Chances are that your meals will consist of you and your children, so having a completely contemporary dining suite might look a little out of place – but just because you have children doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the latest in home design! The trick here is to soften the room with something like a rug underneath the table. This will keep things cosy and homely and protect the carpet from all those spillages!

Consider your walls

Are the walls in your dining room looking a little drab? Or have they seen better days? You don’t need to rush out and purchase expensive wallpaper or a litre of emulsion to freshen up your dining space! If you have children, then why not embellish the walls by framing some of their artwork? Or dig out all those old photographs you’ve been meaning to put in an album and create a gallery wall for everyone to enjoy while they eat?

Dining Room

Inject some colour

If you’re not in the market for new furniture, then that’s ok! The trick here is to use your imagination, so why not consider upcycling your current furniture instead? Paint the kitchen table a bright, bold colour and either match, or mismatch the chairs!

Think decoration: the old side board in the corner? Go for a cool blue or make a statement with a bold post box red! You could always throw a bright, cheery looking table cloth over the table if you’re looking for a fast and simple solution!

Dining Table

New placemats, coasters and tableware is also a fun way to inject colour and style into your dining room!

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