PJ Masks Turbo Blast Racers Review

Are you a parent with pre-school children at home and familiar with the adventures of Catboy, Gekko and Owlette?

PJ Masks is the latest creation to capture the imagination of children all around the country and is about normal children becoming a brave band of heroes out to save the world.

When young friends; Connor, Amaya and Greg put on their pyjamas and activate their animal amulets, they turn into their alter egos; Catboy, Owlette and Gekko, before embarking on adventures that are filled with action.

Now your own superheroes can reenact their adventures with new PJ Masks Turbo Blast Racers.

PJ Masks

It’s the ultimate PJ Masks Racing Vehicle! The PJ Masks Turbo Blast racers feature a sleek design and deluxe accents and comes with one 3-inch PJ Masks Character Figure!

Each 7.5cm articulated character is dressed in an exclusive Turbo Blast outfit equipped with matching racing helmet and can fit into their own vehicle and the others in the Turbo Blaster range.

PJ Masks

The Turbo Blasters are made of a sturdy, lightweight plastic which is perfect for little hands and Cat Boy’s seat even has a cut out for his tail and his emblem on the seat.

There are three Turbo Blast Racers to collect: Cat-Car, Owl Glider and Gekko-Mobile (RRP: £14.99) and are part of the new range for 2018 that also includes figures, play-sets and dress up items.

Of course, these young heroes need their enemies to be able to go “into the night to save the day“!

PJ Masks Turbo Blast Racers Review

Romeo is a marvel of mechanical mischief and we were also sent his mobile laboratory where he makes many a gadget, to help capture the PJ Masks and take over the world.

Romeo PJ Masks

Like the Turbo Blaster, the mobile laboratory is made from a sturdy lightweight plastic which is perfect for little hands. Romeo looks just like he does in the cartoon with a streak of white hair and his lab features little plastic nodes which fit with holes in his feet so you can stand him in different positions and drive him around without him falling over.

Romeo PJ Masks

If you have young PJ Masks fans, these vehicles are perfect for them to reenact their favourite adventures from the show.

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  1. My daughter is a huge PJ Masks fan and will be delighted to know this has been added to their toy range I’m guessing she will want it added to her birthday list!


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