Isaac’s 10th Birthday Party at Avon Tyrrell

Last year Isaac had his 9th birthday party at Avon Tyrrell and he and his friends had such a blast that for his birthday this year he wanted to do it all over again.

There are three different birthday packages to choose from and we decided on for the Go Adventure package, which gives them the opportunity to do three hour-long activities. Isaac and his joint party host Scott decided to pick some different activities to last year: zip wire, raft building and rock climbing / abseiling.

To ensure the kids get a good amount of time at each activity, they were divided into two teams, with each birthday boy leading one and playing a game of rock, paper, scissors to see who did their preferred activity first.

Isaac won and chose the zip wire, whilst Scott and his team headed off to do raft building.

Zip Wire at Avon Tyrrell

The kids are kitted out in all their safety gear, including harnesses and helmets, and given a safety briefing before heading off to the climbing platform, one at a time.

Isaac Avon Tyrrell

They have to climb up 30ft to the starting platform, set in the trees on the opposite side of a stunning lake.

Zip Wire Avon Tyrrell

They are then harnessed in by another instructor, before launching down the 60 metre zip line from up in the trees, down to water level.

Zip Wire

Isaac loved the zip wire so much he managed to wangle two goes, doing the running man each time as he whizzed down.

Isaac Zip Line

All his friends succeeded in completing the zipwire, despite a couple of nervous wobbles and the look of pride on their faces was great to see.

Raft Building

Next up for Isaac’s team was the raft building, where the kids were provided with a number of barrels, planks and ropes to construct their vessel.

Raft Building

They were given a brief training session by the raft building expert and were then left to discuss and construct their masterpiece. The girls were off and running straight away, whereas the boys needed a few minutes to figure out what they needed to do.

Raft Building Avon Tyrrell

Once they were happy with their raft, it was then time to carry to get kitted out in lifejackets and helmets and carry it down towards the water.

Carrying the Raft

Isaac wasn’t convinced about going out on the water and boarded the raft gingerly, after some gently persuasion from us.

Isaac on a raft

They managed to get all of them sat on the planks before letting them paddle off into the lake, to really put the raft to the test.

Raft on lake, Avon Tyrrell

The instructor went out on a canoe alongside them and gave them challenges to try, such as trying to paddle to the pedalo’s and then around some of the buoys dotted around the lake. Let’s just say their sense of direction needs some work.

Out on the raft

I would love to say they made it around the lake without incident, but one of the boys decided to see how deep the water was with their oar and lost his balance and fell in, much to his and everyone’s amusement.

Raft Paddling

The rest made it back to shore safely and after a quick change of clothes for some, it was onto the next activity.

Climbing Wall and Abseiling

For their final activity, the groups were back together for the 10 metre climbing wall.

Climbing Wall

With 3 sides to climb and 6 structured routes the climbing tower offer opportunities for development as the kids challenge themselves to a level that suits them.

Isaac Climbing Wall

The routes for beginners provide more holds and the more advanced routes include an overhang which Isaac bravely chose to tackle first.

Climbing Wall Avon Tyrrell

Isaac is normally a whizz with climbing walls, but he struggled with the more difficult holds and the overhang, but his determination got him to the top so he could abseil down again.


All the kids got a turn at climbing the walls and looking after the ropes of the climbers. The final climb of the evening was between the two birthday boys, who took part in a race to the top.

Climbing wall race

Congratulations to winner Scott, but well done to both boys for making it to the top!


The final part of the afternoon was the chance to sit down for a picnic tea and have a slice of the all important birthday cake.

Porg Birthday Cake

This year Isaac’s request was for his favourite character from Star Wars – a Porg cake. I think my friend Michelle from Sculpted Bakes did an amazing job.

Porg birthday cake 10

Isaac, Scott and their friends had the most amazing time. I would definitely recommend Avon Tyrell as an alternative party venue, there are plenty of grounds for a picnic, a fab adventure course that the kids can use too and the instructors were fun, friendly and encouraging.

Avon Tyrell run lots of events throughout the year including ‘Have a go’ days, Fairy Trails and Camp Outs. Head over to their facebook page for more information.

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  1. This looks like such an amazing birthday party. My kids went to something similar to this, where they got to do den making, toasting marshmallow and go-karting. Much more fun then other parties.

  2. What an amazing birthday party idea and a great way of making memories with friends. Will definitely have to think about something like this for when the boys are older.

  3. Oh my goodness no wonder Issac wanted to go back here. My triplets would love this. All the activities look such fun and with a good dollop of scare factor, excitement and adrenaline. Great photos from a really fun looking day and what a masterpiece for a birthday cake! A big Happy birthday to Isaac.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  4. Happy 10th Birthday Isaac! You were absolutely spoilt & your parents had given you such a fun filled day to remember your 10th! I hope you did have an amazing day & thanked your parents for giving you such beautiful memories to remember in years to come!

  5. Oh, wow! This looks like so much fun. Stacey would love to have an action-packed party like this. And I think Oscar will do when he’s older too (he’s already quite the adrenaline junkie)! Wishing Isaac a very happy birthday 🙂

    Louise x

  6. that beats the parties we did in Mc’Ds and soft play areas when my kids were young. Looks like an amazing time, have to say I always thought zip wires you took your weight on your shoulders. Hmmmm may need to look into this for taking Bob.


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