Transforming our old train table into a LEGO table

We have had a train table in our front room for around 5 years now and it has been well loved and used.

Sebastian is starting to outgrow his wooden train sets now and prefers building LEGO creations at the table.

The table itself was in good condition, but the hard board base was looking tired and worn and we were keen to update it into something more useful and the idea of a dedicated LEGO table was born.

Train table

We were offered some Strictly Briks Base Plates to review and this was the ideal opportunity to start the transformation.

Strictly briks® items are compatible with all major brands of bricks, including LEGO® and DUPLO® brand sets and come in a range of colours and sizes. We were sent the 6″ x 6″ base plates but found them too small to cover the table, so bought some 10″ x 10″ size plates to complete the job.

LEGO Table

As the hard board table top wasn’t nailed down, we flipped it over so Sebby can still use the table for his trains, and stuck the Strictly Brik Plates down with No More Nails.

Sebby's LEGO Table

As you can see from the picture, some of the plates had to be cut to size, which Hubby did with a penknife.

LEGO Table Kids

We laid it all out first and checked the kids were happy with the colours we had used before finally sticking it down as they can be quite fussy!

Eliza and Sebby LEGO

All the kids love the newly transformed table and have been busy working on their creations, or building scenes with their LEGO minifigures. I can see it being used for many more years to come.

21 thoughts on “Transforming our old train table into a LEGO table”

  1. That is such a good idea. Ours is all chucking in a big plastic storage box, kits and all, and of course you can’t find anything because Lego pieces seem to have shrunk these days.

  2. This is the coolest idea I have seen in a long time! haha such a good use for an old train table! Awesome transformation 🙂

  3. That’s a pretty awesome way to refurbish old tables especially since it’s something that the kids can use for fun! I love how it looks and I’m sure it’s a hit with the kids! What a brilliant idea!

  4. What a great way to upcycle a train table and I bet Sebby is happy that he can still use the other side for his trains when he feels like it! My son would have loved this when he was younger and crazy about Lego!

  5. This is SUCH a cool idea!! Oscar has always wanted a Lego table so the next time I see a cheap train one being sold I’ll have to buy it and do it up. Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

    Louise x


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