Philips BlueControl Advance – 2 month update

Back in March I blogged that I was testing the Philips BlueControl Advance – Blue light treatment for plaque psoriasis.

The Philips BlueControl Advance device is the worlds first wearable Blue LED Light treatment for treating mild – moderate plaque psoriasis on the arms and legs, and should be used to treat each plaque once per day, with a single treatment taking just 15 minutes.

As it is portable, this can be done anywhere, whether sitting at your desk at work, or while sitting watching the television in the evening.

In my first post I explained that you don’t see instant results with BlueControl Advance – and of course, different people respond at different rates. But after four weeks using it, I noticed that a particularly raised and sore area of psoriasis on my thigh was a lot less inflamed, the soreness had subsided and the tiny patches of psoriasis have disappeared completely, but has it continued to improve?


I saw a marked improvement in the redness and flaking after 4 weeks and now a further 4 weeks on, my patches of psorasis have started to shrink.

Blue Control 8 week

My plaques of psoriasis are less raised and the itching and soreness has gone. I have been taking photographs of my largest patch of psoriasis I have and although there is still some flaking on stubborn patches, I can clearly see that some skin is repairing, particularly around the edges. On the left had side of the photo, the psoriasis plaque has now split in two, with a healthy patch of skin now dividing it.

I now have a set routine and use the Philips BlueControl Advance in the evenings once the kids are in bed, while watching television. I have several patches of psoriasis which I treat, so the process does take around 2 hours, but I don’t notice the time as I am either watching the TV or working on the blog.

My only wish now, is they could invent a device that can be used on the scalp, as that is where my psoriasis is at its worst.

What is psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that causes red, flaky, crusty patches of skin covered with silvery scales and affects around two percent of people in the US and UK.

How does Philips BlueControl Advance work?

The blue light treatment is delivered through the rechargeable, battery-powered device which is placed on affected areas such as the arms, legs, elbows and knees using adjustable straps.

Philips BlueControl Advance

It works by inducing natural relief processes in the skin, helping to control rapid cell proliferation and inflammation. This,  in turn, helps the skin to regenerate at normal speed.

It does take commitment to use it every day and I think my treatment would be further ahead if I hadn’t forgotten to take it to Portugal with us on holiday, but I am really pleased with the results so far.

Keep an eye on the blog for a 3 month update soon………

The Philips BlueControl Advance retails at £349, but it is available to test it at home, risk-free, with Philips 90-day money-back guarantee and there is a 25% discount available by joining the Philips newsletter.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Philips BlueControl Advance to test, all thoughts and opinions are my own

21 thoughts on “Philips BlueControl Advance – 2 month update”

  1. Wow this certainly looks like it does the trick my partner suffers terribly with his skin so I will have to look into this for when he has an outbreak.

  2. I had a friend with psoriasis and oh my it looked so sore at times, it seems like this is slowly helping your psoriasis take a step in the right direction. I do hope month 3 continues on the right path for you.

  3. Psoriasis sounds like a horrible thing to have, so glad you found out about the blue control device to help you improve the condition which you have. Hope it completely disappears in time.

  4. I am so glad to hear that the blue control has made a visible difference, and even if it does take a month to see results I can definitely see the difference between the two pictures. It must feel so much better than before?

  5. Oh wow I never knew something like this machine existed and wow such great results!! My partner gets this on his skin so going to look more into this

    Laura x

  6. It looks like the Blue Control device is really helping with your psoriasis. I agree though, it takes a lot of commitment to wear it every single day! x


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