Silver Cross Susie Doll Review

Back in November, Eliza was sent the Silver Cross Pioneer Dolls Pram to review.

It became an instant hit and she would often take her Luvabella doll for a stroll to the park or to pick her little brother up from Playball after school.

Now Silver Cross have launched a new doll to go with their range of prams – Susie®, who can recognise her own pram and giggles, cries, sleeps and feeds!

Silver Cross Susie

In the box with Susie® is a sensor box which requires 3 x AA batteries. This then fits into a special pocket underside the Silver Cross 5 in 1 Pioneer dolls pram so that it can sense when the doll is near.


Susie® will tell you she wants to go for a walk when she is close to her pram and cry and want to go back in it if you take her out.

Susie Doll Silver Cross

She even snores when she falls asleep in her pram.

Susie Pram

Without the pram, Susie® is still an interactive doll who can giggle, cry and talk. When she is fed with her bottle she will tell you if she has had enough or wants more and she can sometimes get tummy ache which can be rubbed better and likes to be tickled under her arms.

Silver Cross Susie Pram

I do have an issue with Susie® though. She has no volume control and is quite loud and repetitive, which can get annoying – even for Eliza.

Eliza Dolls Pram

Her body is hard plastic, with fabric shoulders and hip joints so she is not especially cuddly, although her babygro is padded which makes her nicer to handle and her lips are painted bright pink which makes it look like she is wearing lipstick.

Eliza and Susie

I think the doll is better suited to pre-schoolers, as her functions are fairly basic, but they do encourage role-play and interaction.

Susie® has an RRP of £44.99 and is available from all good toy stores.



12 thoughts on “Silver Cross Susie Doll Review”

  1. I imagine that Susie is a wonderful playmate for lots of little girls and boys. Great idea to have the interaction with the pram, and the functions that make her more “real”. Shame she doesn’t have a volume control.

  2. I love how realistic these prams look and they are exactly miniature versions of the real thing. My boys love pushing their dolls in prams and this one looks awesome

    Laura x


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