Winter holiday’s for kids

The clocks have just gone back, the leaves are falling from the trees and there is a definite chill in the air now, meaning winter is on its way.

The question is, does the chilly weather inspire you to wrap up warm and enjoy exploring the wintry world around you, or do you prefer to jet off to sunnier climbs to find some heat?

Last year we headed to Lapland in December for our first proper winter holiday with the kids and we all fell in love with exploring the snowy world around us.

We spent a day searching for Santa where we got to drive a husky dog sled, enjoyed a reindeer sleigh ride and even got to drive our own snowmobiles whilst searching for the northern lights. The following day was all about exploring on our own, so we enjoyed seeing the sights and challenging ourselves to complete the longest toboggan run in Northern Europe at 1.2 kilometers long and a vertical drop of 130 meters!!


The great thing about visiting a winter wonderland is that, whichever country you choose, they are used to coping with the weather and life continues as normal, unlike the UK which seems to grind to a halt at the first sign of the white stuff.

The first thing to do is to decide what sort of winter holiday you would like. The next one on my wishlist is to spend a couple of nights staying in a glass igloo to see the northern lights and then head off skiing with the kids.

It is vital when skiing with kids that you choose somewhere that is family friendly and has plenty of facilities to keep the whole family occupied and entertained. Things to consider include whether they offer ski lessons, have a kids club which offer a variety of activities and if it has easy access to the piste. Check out this link for some ski holidays you’ll love.

Isaac Sledge

Ski holiday’s can be pricier than sunshine holidays as you also need to factor in equipment hire, lift passes and all the extra clothing that you will need to pack to ensure everyone stays warm and toasty. We started our winter holiday packing list in the summer and got some great bargains in the summer sales before we went.

It is all worth it though for the feeling of flying effortlessly down a snow-covered slope, feeling the wind in your face and then proudly watching your child hurtle past you, chuckling as they go.

Snow Angel

Of course, you don’t have to ski – build snowmen, make snow angels, go sledding or tubing, or just play in the snow and warm up with a hot chocolate, there is lots of fun to be had for all the family.

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