My Top 10 Posts of 2018

At the end of the year I always enjoy looking back at my blogging year and seeing which posts are popular with my audience, knowing there will be a few surprises in there.

So, without further ado, I give you my top posts of 2018:

Oaxis Watch Phone Review

This post was actually written in July 2017, but has been my most searched for post for the year and subsequently is my most popular post of 2018.

Oaxis Watchphone

The Oaxis WatchPhone is a smartwatch your child wears on their wrist which features GPS. Kids can use it as a conventional watch, whilst parents can log into a smartphone app to track their actual location in real-time. The WatchPhone app displays a lovely and clear map image, so you can check that they are where they should be and can set Geo-Fenced safety zones which highlight geo-locations on the map so when a child moves outside of this area, the nominated smartphone will be alerted.

How old is too old for soft play?

This post was written in 2013, although has been updated since and has been in my top posts for the last 3 years and shows no sign of waning!

Lemur Landings

Comfi Daily Disposables Contact Lenses Review

This was a surprising entry for me, but I know how expensive contact lenses are with both Hubby and Abbey wearing them.

Comfi Contact Lenses

These contact lenses were not only a hit with Hubby, but they are inexpensive too!

Globber – the Scooter with a difference

Another oldie that has featured in my top 10 since 2015 and still seems as popular as ever.


Sadly our Globber scooter is now outgrown, but it did last an incredible 3 years with us and is now with a younger member of the family, still going strong.

Philips BlueControl Advance Review – treatment for plaque psoriasis

I have suffered with psoriasis as long as I can remember and have struggled finding treatments that actually work.

Philips Blue Control

Philips BlueControl Advance is not only gentle, but it is UV and chemical free. It works by inducing natural relief processes in the skin, helping to control rapid cell proliferation and inflammation. This,  in turn, helps the skin to regenerate at normal speed – providing relief from plaque psoriasis symptoms such as redness, scaling and thickness and it actually WORKS, which you can read about in my results posts.

Meningitis Awareness

As a parent, one of the childhood illnesses that you watch for is meningitis, but as the parent of a child off to university, it is important that they not only know the signs themselves, but are vaccinated against the disease before they head off to experience life away from home.

Silver Cross Pioneer Dolls Pram Review

We reviewed this pram just before Christmas last year and it has really stood the test of time, often being used to ferry Eliza’s Luvabella doll to the shops and back.

Silver Cross Pioneer

Later on in the year, we also got the Silver Cross Susie doll to review alongside the pram, as it interacts with the pram via a clever sensor box which makes her recognise when she is in her pram.

Samsung Heat Pump Tumble Dryer Review

Who doesn’t love a good kitchen gadget and I know I would be lost without a tumble dryer, especially this time of year.

Samsung Tumble Drier

It is a traditional looking tumble dryer, with a modern twist of a huge tinted door, which is roomy enough to be able to pop in a large duvet, holding an incredible 8kg of washing.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine Review

Another kitchen gadget in the top 10, this time it is my trusty compact pod coffee machine which has over 30 varieties of coffee pods to choose, from espressos and cappuccinos, to skinny lattes & hot chocolates.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto

Bissell StainPro 12 Carpet Cleaner Review

It seems that household equipment is a popular theme on my blog and my tenth most popular post is my review of the Bissell StainPro 12 carpet cleaner.

Bissell StainPro 12

Stay tuned for my top 10 days out posts of 2018!!

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  1. I didn’t even know that smart watch for kids was a thing! What an amazing idea! I will be letting my friends know as I don’t think they know too! *crawls back under my rock*
    I have a dolce gusto machine too and I love it! Happy new year x

  2. Love the smart watch for kids, and as I am debating a scooter for my three year old I will pop over and have a read about that too! Thanks Kara! Sounds like a productive year! πŸ™‚

  3. You have a very wide range of topics that cover your top 10 posts for sure. I think the most value able one would be the meningitis post out of the list.


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