18 Goals for 2018 – did I do it?

Back in January 2018 I wrote the post 18 goals for 2018 as my attempt at a New Year’s resolution and if I am completely honest, I pretty much forgot about within a few weeks.

Some of the goals however, must have stayed in my head as I did actually achieve some of them, but how did I get on?

1. Weekly Wellness Walk

Well, it started well and although I didn’t meet my networking friends on their walks thanks to a new shift pattern at work, I did regularly do a half an hour walk after the school run 2 or 3 times a week for much of the year and have been on some walks with Hubby when our days off meet.

Old Harry Rocks

2. Go Swimming

Major fail – I think I have only donned a swimming costume a handful of times this year and that was to swim with the kids and not for exercise.

3. Redecorate the lounge

YES!!!! We did it. Well, when I see we, my friend’s son, who is a very talented painter and decorator did it for me when we were in France.

4. Replace our doors

Still not done and has been on the list for years. We do have someone getting us a quote though, so watch this space

5. Be Better at Planning & Communication

I am still a great planner in my head but still could do better. I do write things on the calendar now (most of the time).

6. Attend more events

I think I have attended less this year, mainly due to picking up more hours at work, which has left me unable to attend many events as they are always on weekdays and in London.

7. Enjoy a child-free weekend break abroad


8. Go on Family Bike Rides

Yes! Last year I got a new bike and a bike seat for Sebby which means we can go for family bike rides.

Bike Ride with the Kids

We have been busy investigating family friendly trails and hope to more miles in this year as they become more confident on their wheels.

9. Explore more of the UK

I only managed to tick one of the places I mentioned off my list for the year, which was York, but we also got to explore some beautiful scenery in the Yorkshire Dales and explored more of Somerset and Wiltshire this year.


10. Write more personal posts on my blog

As the kids gets older, they don’t want to feature on my blog as much and I have really struggled. I never re-started my Project 365, however I did post daily photo’s over on instagram. Will I do it this year………I miss looking back, so think I will.

11. Spend more quality time with Hubby

We never got to do monthly date nights, especially when we lost our built in babysitter (Kian), who headed off to university in September, but we have enjoyed going to some shows this year including, Les Miserables, Jason Manford and Wicked. We have a few booked in for 2019 to look forward to.

12. Read more

I have been taking books to swimming and average a book a month now, so going well.

13. Find time to catch up with friends

Sadly, due to working almost full time I see my friends much less, which is a real shame. Hoping to find a better balance this year.

14. Cook fresh and eat more healthily

With work, swimming and various after school clubs I have failed at this one too.

15. Keep on top of my blogging to-do list

I think this one is going to be permanently on my to-do list as I still have a blogging pile that shows no sign of shrinking!

16. Enjoy 1-2-1 time with the kids

I don’t do this as often as I would like, but have given it a good go.

17. Find time to get my hair done

I have not had my hair cut as regularly as I would have liked, but 3 visits to a proper salon this year is an improvement on last year!!

18. Be more adventurous

Yes!! I have been on rollercoasters and enjoyed them again, have tried my hand at paddleboarding and even had a go at Dorset Waterpark for Kian’s 18th (I wasn’t very good).

So, a bit of a mixed bag but I am pleased I at least managed to tick some off the list.

19 Goals for 2019……….watch this space!

16 thoughts on “18 Goals for 2018 – did I do it?”

  1. You know what I love about this post? I love that you included the goals you didn’t reach. You kept it real. None of us will achieve all of our goals, but the important part is that we try and we get some of them.

  2. I really love that you included the goals you didn’t see as much progress in as you would have liked. We’re all human and sometimes life just gets in the way of the things we want to achieve. All we can do is move those goals forward with us and plan ahead to try to do better. Hope you have another successful and happy year!

  3. Nice article and looks like you have an awesome 2018 and for those goals that haven’t achieve it yet don’t worry about it because you still have chance to achieve it on this 2019.

  4. I always get nervous about making New Year’s Resolutions, but this year I made one. Mine is to be more positive. After a really rough year, I’ve decided to try to spend more energy being positive rather than focusing on the negative. Happy New Year!


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