New Wonder Park Toys – Review

We have been lucky enough to visit the cinema on a number of occasions recently and one trailer has really caught the kids eye – Wonder Park.

Wonder Park, out in cinemas on 8th April, tells the story of a magnificent amusement park where the imagination of a wildly creative girl named June comes alive.

The amusement park is run by a group of animals: Boomer, a big blue bear that greets guests; Greta, a wild boar; Gus and Cooper, beaver brothers; Steve, a porcupine who is in love with Greta; and the leader Peanut, a monkey that has the ability to create rides by listening to June’s mother’s voice.

To celebrate the release of the film, Funrise Toys have launched a selection of Wonder Park toys, so children can recreate their favourite movie scenes and we were sent a selection to review.

Wonder Chimp

The wonder chimps are the official souvenir of Wonderland and are available in four different styles: Bunny (pictured below), Princess, Bee and Flower.

Wonder Chimps are cotton candy scented, big, soft and huggable toys and are perfect for snuggling with. Eliza thinks ours smells of strawberries! RRP: £15

Wonder Chimp Surprise Single Packs

Each Wonder Chimp comes hidden and can ride in its very own free-rolling Coaster Car, which you can connect together with other Coaster Cars for even more fun! (RRP: To be confirmed)

Eliza and Sebby thoroughly enjoyed unboxing these and playing with the characters, despite not yet watching the film.

There are 30 different Wonder Chimps to collect in Series 1 and each new series will see new Wonder Chimps and a new Coaster Car colour!

Wonder Park Figure Pack

Last but not least, you can collect the Wonder Park characters with these affordable figure packs RRP: £7.00

Each character comes with an iconic accessory from the movie!

These Wonder Park toys are suitable for children aged 3 and up and are perfect to keep them entertained over the Easter break.

Discover these toys and more, online, and in-store at The Entertainer.

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  1. Hello parents 😊 do anyone knows the code of “princess” ? My little one collecting them and want to find princess, but sadly we can’t find 😔 thank You


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