Keeping Your Hallway Organised During Busy Family Life

When you have a family it can be incredibly difficult to keep the house organised. One area which is particularly bad is the hallway as this becomes a dumping ground as soon as people get home so it can quickly become filled up with coats, shoes, bags and anything else that people want to be rid of when they get in. 

So, how can you keep this space organised? There are a few good storage solutions which will help to keep the area neat and tidy and give you easy access to the items that you need at the front door. 

Shoe Bench

Shoes strewn across the hallway can be incredibly frustrating and it is also dangerous as these can be a trip hazard. A shoe bench provides you with a neat space to put your shoes whenever you enter the home so that they are kept organised and off of the floor. This can make a big difference to how a hallway looks while providing you with a practical space for shoes and potentially other items.

Hall Shelf & Hooks

Hooks are always handy to have in the hallway because you can use these to hang your coats which is helpful if it has been raining and you want to take your coat off before walking through the house. In addition to hooks, places like Cotswold Co have hall shelves and hooks which provides you with a neat cubby hole for extra storage. These holes are ideal for small objects like a dog lead, gloves, dog biscuits etc. If each person has a peg and cubby hole it should give them enough space while keeping everything organised. In terms of coats, it is a good idea to only keep the coats that are for that season on the pegs and keep out-of-season coats elsewhere in the home.

Small Table

If space permits, a small table by the front door can also be helpful. This can be a space where you place the mail once it comes through the door to keep your floor free from post. This could also be a space to place keys or any other small items when you come through the door.

Staying Organised

The key to keeping the hallway free from clutter is to stay organised and have rules in place so that everyone knows what they are doing when they come through the door. Only keep items that are needed by the front door and it will keep the space much tidier and easier to manage.

The hallway can easily become a dumping ground if you do not have a system in place. Investing in quality storage solutions and having rules in place will help to keep the space neat and organised at all times so that the home looks tidy and you never lose items.

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