How to choose your new front door

First impressions count and your front door is one of the first things your visitors will see when they arrive at your home.

Your front door should not only be functional and offer you a good level of security, but it should also contribute to the style of the exterior of the house.

What type of front door should you choose?

A door for tech lovers

Pirnar entry doors are perfect for lovers of style and technology, with elegantly hidden handles, a hidden fingerprint reader, magic night illumination and beautiful handmade smooth surfaces, each door is a masterpiece for itself. Find out more at

uPVC doors

For the low maintenance and low cost option, uPVC doors offer a good thermal performance, however the variety of styles and colours can be limited.

Composite doors

A composite door has all the benefits of a uPVC door, are the most thermally efficient and will give you the finished look of wood without any of the hassle and can be designed to fit with a number of different property styles. Head to Composite doors Belfast to see their selection.

Wooden doors

A bespoke, solid wood front door is ideal for period properties and is the most secure option, however, they do require regular care and attention to prevent them from absorbing water and rotting.

What sort of door would you choose?

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