Samsung ecobubble Washing Machine Review

Choosing the right washing machine for you can be tricky as different models do different things.

As a large family, one thing that is vital for us, is having a large drum and even then we do at least one load of washing per day.

We were invited to review the Samsung ecobubble™ 9Kg Washing Machine by

Samsung’s ‘ecobubble™’ technology cleverly reduces the surface tension of water, allowing it to mix more easily with the detergent, turning it into a powerful yet gentle foam that penetrates fabrics better. This model has a 9kg drum which is perfect for medium to large families.

For the eco-conscious among us, this machine has been given the highest available energy efficiency rating of A+++, making it extremely kind to the environment and utility bills.

I have a family of adventurers who love nothing more than getting absolutely filthy and my favourite feature of the washing machine is the clever Bubble Soak option, which soaks the clothes in detergent before the main wash to help loosen stubborn stains.

Go Ape

The ecobubble™ is so easy to use, thanks to the front dial – simply turn the knob to the setting you want to use.

The programs we currently use the most are daily wash, which is one of the shorter wash programs and perfect for underwear and shirts and the bedding setting. Every program displays the time it will take to complete the load and has the ability to change the temperature and spin speed, which is really handy.

Another important feature for families, in particularly those with toddlers or young children, is the childlock, so your child cannot stop the machine mid-wash.

The machine also has a timer which you can set so the load finishes when you get home from work to help prevent your clothes getting creased.

This model also has a digital inverter motor which is really hard wearing and makes the machine run really quietly.

Disclaimer: We received the Samsung ecobubble™ Washing Machine for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are our own

9 thoughts on “Samsung ecobubble Washing Machine Review”

  1. Great review this. Good to hear it’s a lot quieter than others out there as that’s probably the biggest problem with our current washer!

  2. I am so so disappointed with my new samsung ecobubble washing machine. No matter what washing powder/tablets or fabric softener i use my washing comes out smelling terrible, it smells damp and musty. On a visit from an engineer yesterday after persevering with different detergents for 2 months, i was told that the washing is smelling because i’m using too much detergent???? After he left, i done a wash with exactly the amount of fabric softener he told me to use and surprise surprise the washing came out smelling the same. This is actually depressing me 🙁
    I’m waiting on another engineer to visit but has anyone else out of interest had this problem?

  3. I am terribly disappointed too, our washing is hard and crispy when dry and the surface of our fabrics are all bobbled and damaged. The engineer said no faults… surprise surprise. I use as I always have gentle non bios no different to my last machine. Customer service shocking don’t waste your money on what should be an investment purchase. Samsung didn’t get this eco bubble right


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